Liberty Parts Team Remanufactured Printer Warranty

What is the warranty term on an LPT remanufactured printer?

All LPT remanufactured printers are covered under warranty for twelve months following the invoice date, or one duty cycle of your device, whichever comes first. Transfer Belts on HP Color LaserJet devices are covered under a 30-day warranty.

What is included with my warranty?

Your LPT printer warranty includes coverage for all hardware and consumable parts (excluding toner cartridges) inside your device through the duration of the warranty term. If it is determined by our warranty department that a part (or parts) will resolve the issue, then a part (or parts) will be sent. In the event our warranty department is unable to positively identify the issue to be resolved with replacement parts, a replacement printer may be issued. This warranty does not include on-site service or IT support.

How do I file a claim?

If you believe to have a warranty claim on one of your LPT devices, you must first contact our tech support team at 866-947-9295 to try to resolve the issue in the field. After our tech support team has diagnosed the issue and has determined a resolution, they will transfer you to your sales agent to process your warranty replacement order.

How do I get credit for the defective part?

Once your warranty has been approved, a replacement invoice will be created along with an RMA to return the defective part for credit. To receive credit for this invoice, you must return the defective part and reference the RMA# provided with your replacement either on the exterior or inside of your shipment.

When can I expect my warranty replacement to arrive?

Ground shipping in addition to a prepaid UPS return label are included for all warranty replacement shipments.