HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, P4515 Parts - Click to Order

Models: LJ P4014 (CB506A); P4014n (CB507A); P4014dn (CB512A); P4015n (CB509A); P4015dn (CB526A); P4015tn (CB510A); P4015x (CB511A); P4515n (CB514A); P4515tn (CB515A); P4515x (CB516A); P4515xm (CB517A).

Part #Description
RM1-4549AC Power Supply
RM1-5060Control Panel, P4014
RM1-5059Control Panel, P4015/P4515
RL1-1667Cover, Envelope
RC2-5759Cover, Envelope Connector, P4014
RC2-2476Cover, Envelope Connector, P4015/P4515
RC2-5757Cover, Formatter, P4014
RC2-2468Cover, Formatter, P4015/P4515
RM1-4534Cover, Front
RM1-5450Cover, Left, P4014
RM1-4551Cover, Left, P4015/P4515
RC2-5761Cover, Legal, P4014
RC2-5239Cover, Legal, P4015/P4515
RC2-2459Cover, Option
RC2-5758Cover, Right Front, P4014
RC2-2475Cover, Right Front, P4015/P4515
RC2-5768Cover, Right Rear, P4014
RC2-2478Cover, Right Rear, P4015/P4515
RM1-5449Cover, Right, P4014
RM1-4550Cover, Right, P4015/P4515
RM1-5250Cover, Top, P4014
RM1-4552Cover, Top, P4015/P4515
RM1-4582DC Controller
RM1-4529Delivery Asm
RM1-4526Delivery Drive Asm
RM1-5080Door Switch Cable
RC2-2484Drum Drive Asm
RM1-8493Drum Drive Asm
RL1-1659Drum Drive Motor
RC2-5760Duplexing Outer Cover, P4014
RC2-2510Duplexing Outer Cover, P4015/P4515
RM1-5448Face-up Tray, P4014
RM1-4531Face-up Tray, P4015/P4515
RM1-4548Feed Guide
KIT-4015-FEEDFeed Kit
RM1-0037Feed Roller
RM1-4527Feed Roller Asm
RL1-1663Feed Roller, Tray 1
RM1-4562Feed Shaft Z
CB518AFeeder, Optional 500 sheet
CB438-69001Formatter, P4515N network
CB437-69001Formatter, non-network
CB438-4014Formatter, P4014N (network only)
CB438-4015Formatter, P4015N (network only)
CB438-69002Formatter, P4015N (network only) P4014N/P4015N/P4515N
RU6-0171Fuser Drive Gear 33T
RU6-0172Fuser Drive Gear 35T
RC2-2432Fuser Drive Gear Asm
RM1-5051Fuser Motor
KIT-4015-GRGear Kit
RU5-0045Gear, 18-T
RM1-6214HCI Drive PCA
RM1-5262HCI Pickup Drive Asm
RM1-5465Laser Scanner
RM1-4585Lifter Drive
RL1-1657Main Drive Motor
CB388AMaintenance Kit
CC415AMemory 256MB
CE483-67901Memory 512MB
CE483AMemory 512MB
CB520AMultibin Mailbox
CB523AOptional 1500 Sheet Feeder
CB524AOptional Envelope Feeder
RM1-4532Pickup Drive
RM1-0036Pickup Roller
RL1-1641Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RK2-0270Pickup Solenoid, Tray 2
RM1-1089Rear Tray Asm
RM1-5460Registration Asm
RC2-5225Roller Access Panel
CB506-67905Roller Kit, Tray 1
CB506-67904Roller Kit, Trays 2,3,4,5,6
RL1-1654Separation Roller, Tray 1
RM1-4525Size Detect Sensor
RC1-0199Spring for Roller Access Panel
CB521AStacker 500 sheet
RM1-4539Tag Holder
CC364XToner Cartridge
RC2-5771Torque Limiter
RC2-2269Transfer Block
CB506-67903Transfer Roller
RM1-5462Transfer Roller
RM1-4563Tray 1 Pickup Asm
RM1-4576Tray 2 Right Front Guide Asm

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