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Models:P3015 (CE525A); P3015D (CE526A); P3015DN (CE528A); P3015X (CE529A).

Part #Description
CE530A500 Sht Tray Opt
RM1-6306Base Plate For Roller Asm
RM1-6264Cartridge Door Asm
RM1-6518Control Panel, duplex
RM1-6519Control Panel, simplex
RK2-1499Cooling Fan
RC2-7674Cover, DIMM
RC2-7688Cover, Formatter
RM1-6291Cover, Left
RM1-6292Cover, Rear
RC2-7670Cover, Right
RC2-7672Cover, Right Front
RM1-6289Cover, Top
RM1-6265Cover, Tray 1
RM1-6301Delivery Roller Asm
RM1-6281Engine Controller PCA
RM1-6311Face Down Top Deliv Roller Asm
RM1-6270Feed Guide Asm
CE474-69001Formatter, base
CE475-69001Formatter, network
CE475-69001DFormatter, Network Duplex Capable
RM1-6296Fuser Motor Asm
KIT-P3015-GRGear Kit
RM1-6280HVPS, duplex
RM1-6300HVPS, simplex
RM1-6271Idler Roller Asm
RM1-6322Laser Scanner
RM1-6263Lower Feed Guide Asm
RM1-6520Main Motor
CE525-67901Maintenance Kit
RC2-8575MP Sep Pad (W/O Holder) Can
RM1-6510MP/Tray 1 Media Presence Sensor
RL1-2412MP/Tray 1 Pickup Roller
RM1-6268Pickup Asm, Tray 2 (Duplex)
RM1-6299Pickup Asm, Tray 2 (Simplex)
RM1-6323Pickup Roller 500 Sht Tray
RM1-6283Power Switch Asm
RM1-6272Registration Asm
RC2-7677Right Upper Sub-Cvr (Duplex Only)
RM1-6303Sep Pad Holder Asm 500 Sht
RK2-1492Solenoid (Sl2)
CE255XToner Cartridge
RM1-6321Transfer Roller Asm
RM1-6266Tray 1 Asm
RK2-1490Tray 1 Solenoid
RM1-6279Tray 2 Cassette
RM1-6487Tray 2 Cassette Presence PCA Sensor
RM1-6514USB PCA Asm, Front

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