HP LaserJet P3005 Printer Parts - Click to Order

Models: P3005 (Q7812A); P3005d (Q7813A); P3005n (Q7814A); P3005dn (Q7815A); P3005x (Q7816A).

Part #Description
RU5-095116-tooth Gear
RU5-095817/17-tooth Gear
RU5-095919-tooth Gear
RU5-095620/20-tooth Gear
RU5-0950201-tooth Gear
RU5-095720-tooth gear for fuser
RU5-096031-tooth Gear
RU5-095542-tooth Gear
RM1-3732500-Sh Tray 2
Q7817A500-Sheet Feeder With Tray
RU5-096265-tooth Gear
RC2-0704Cart Guide Lower Left
RC2-0703Cart Guide Upper Left
RM1-3722Cartridge Access Door Asm
RC2-0483Compression Spring
RM1-4054Contacts And Cable
RM1-3725Control Panel
RC2-0602Cover, DIMM
RC2-0612Cover, Engine Controller
RM1-3721Cover, Left
RC1-4108Cover, Main Motor
RM1-3724Cover, Rear
RL1-1367Cover, Right Front
RC2-0603Cover, Right Lower
RC2-0605Cover, Right Upper
RM1-3720Cover, Top
RM1-3723Cvoer, MP
RM1-1497Delivery Roller Asm
RC1-4055Door Arm
VS1-7257-007Drawer Connector
RM1-1522Drive Release Asm
RC1-4096Duplex Inlet Guide
RM1-3748Duplexing Pendulum
RM1-3730Engine Controller
RM1-3743Face Down Flag Asm
RM1-3749Facedown Output Roller
RC1-3994Facedown Roller
RK2-1499Fan, Left
RM1-3760Feed Guide Asm
Q7848-61006Formatter, network
Q7847-61006Formatter, non-network
Q7848-61006Formatter, P3005N with 32 MB DIMM)
RM1-3746Fuser Drive Plate Gear Asm
RC2-0657Fuser Thrust Stopper
KIT-P3005-GRGear Kit
RM1-3714Gear, Pickup Roller Gear Asm
RC1-4066Grounding Contact Lever
5851-3833Hard Disk Drive with Rails 40GB
RM1-3758High Voltage Power Supply
RM1-1521Laser Scanner
RC1-4057Left Hinge
RM1-3759Lower Feed Asm
RM1-3712Main Drive Asm
RK2-1488Main Motor
KIT-3005MNTMaintenance Kit
CB422AMemory 128MB
RL1-0568MP Pickup Roller
RL1-0569Mp Pickup Roller
RM1-3716MP Pickup Roller Asm
RM1-1490MP Tray Asm
RM1-3796Opt 500-Sh Tray (Tray Only)
RC1-0562Option Connector Holder
RM1-3762Pickup Asm
5851-4012Pickup Asm, Tray 2,3
RL1-3167Pickup Roller (Tray 2) See
RM1-6323Pickup Roller 500 Sht Tray
RM1-3763Pickup Roller Asm
5851-4013Pickup Roller Kit, Tray 2/3
RM1-1506Position Guide Asm
RM1-3715Registration Asm
RK2-1497Right Fan
RC1-4058Right Hinge
RM1-1485Roller Stay Asm
RC1-3939Sensor Lever
RC1-4027Sensor Lever
RC1-0939Separation Pad
RM1-3738Separation Pad (500 Sht Tray)
RC1-3937Separation Pad Holder
RK2-1492Solenoid (SL2)
RK2-1490Solenoid For Tray 1
RK2-1489Stepping DC Motor
Q7551AToner Cartridge
RM1-1508Transfer Roller
RC1-0922Transfer Roller Right Bushing
RU5-0366Tray 1 Pickup Gear