HP LaserJet P2035/P2055 Part Numbers

Models: LJ P2035 (CE461A); P2035n (CE462A); P2055d (CE457A); P2055dn (CE459A); P2055x (CE460A).

Part #Description
RM1-6346 Connector Pc Board
RL1-2124 Cover, Front, P2055
RM1-6437 Cover, left, P2035
RM1-6428 Cover, Left, P2055
RM1-6440 Cover, Rear, P2035
RM1-6444 Cover, Rear, P2055
RC2-8280 Cover, Right, P2035
RC2-6254 Cover, Right, P2055
RM1-6435 Cover, Top, P2035
RM1-6429 Cover, Top, P2055
RM1-6441 Duplex Feed Asm, P2055
RM1-6392 Ecu Pc Board
RM1-6447 Face Down Drive Asm, P2035
RK2-2727 Fan asm
CE464A Feeder, 500-sheet with tray, P2055
CC525-60001 Formatter, P2035
CC526-60001 Formatter, P2035N (Network)
CC527-69002 Formatter, P2055D
CC528-69002 Formatter, P2055Dn/X
RM1-6405 Fuser
RM1-4275 Gear P/U Rlr Asm
RM1-6378 Main Motor Asm
CB422A Memory, 128Mb
CB420A Memory, 32Mb
CB421A Memory, 64Mb
CB423A Memory, Sdram Dimm
RM1-6467 P/U Rlr Asm, optional 500-sheet feeder, P2035/P2055X
RM1-6425 Pen Access Door, P2055D
RM1-6434 Pen Access Door/Mp Tray, P2035
RM1-1301 Pickup Gear-Double gear
RM1-6414 Pickup Roller Asm
RM1-6402 Ppr Feed Guide Asm
RM1-6401 Ppr Retaining Deli
RM1-6348 Pwr Switch Asm
RM1-6419 Registration Asm
RM1-6423 Reverse Drv Asm Dplx, P2055
RM1-6424 Scanner Asm
RM1-6350 Sensor, MP Tray
RM1-6397 Sep Pad Asm
RM1-6454 Sep Pad Asm, Tray 3
RL1-2115 Sep Pad, Tray 1
CE505A Toner Cartridge
RM1-6450 Transfer Rlr Asm
RL1-2120 Tray 1 P/U Roller
RM1-6446 Tray 2, 250 Sht Ppr Cassette, P2035N
RM1-6394 Tray 2, 250-sheet cassette, P2055D
RM1-6452 Tray 3, 500-Sht Cassette

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