HP LaserJet M725 Part Numbers

Models: HP LJ Enterprise MFP M725DN (CF066A); M725f (CF067A); M725z (CF068A); M725Z+ (CF068A).

Part #Description
RM1-8290 Control Panel, M601
CC522-67923 Adf Asm
5851-4997 ADF mylar replacement kit - Includes three clear mylar replacement strips for the ADF guide - Mounts in the ADF mylar holder assembly
L2725-60002 ADF roller replacement kit
CF066-67910 ADF whole unit assembly - Includes foam reflector
RK2-3244 Cooling Fan (FM2) - Provides air to the cartridge area for cooling
RM1-3471 Door switch - Indicates when toner cartridge door is open
CF235-67913 Duplexer Assembly - Automatic two sided printing accessory
CF066-67912 Fax-card replacement assembly
RM1-2963 Fuser drive assembly - Includes the two support plates, drive gears, and motor (M2)
RM1-2538 Fusing assembly drive motor
CF066-67906 Image flatbed scanner whole unit assembly - Includes foam reflector kit
RM1-2969 Lifter drive assembly - Includes photosensor, grounding plate, push switch, front gear box, rear gear box, gears, springs, E-ring, lifter plate, input gear shaft, cassette size cable, and screws
RK2-2416 Low voltage power supply fan (FM1)
CF249A Maintenance Kit - For 110 VAC operation - Includes 110 VAC fuser assembly, transfer roller, tray 1 paper pick-up roller and separation pad, tray 2 or 3 separation pad, and tray 4, 5 and 6 feed and separation roller
CF235-67906 Multi-purpose/tray 1 paper pick-up roller and separation pad assembly
CF235-67909 Paper pick-up roller and separation pad assembly - Used with tray 2 or 3
WC2-5637 Push switch - Right cartridge door open switch (SW6)
C8085-60541 Staple cartridge - Contains 5000 staples - For the add-on staple/stacker unit
RM1-3092 Stapling unit - Stapler assembly for the stapler/stacker unit - Includes holder, screws, stapler unit and clinch guide
RU5-2632 Tension spring - Provides tension for lever arm that couples the drive gear to the toner cartridge
CF235-67910 Transfer roller assembly - Long black spongy roller that transfers static charge to paper
CF235-67911 Tray 2, 250-sheet cassette
CF235-67912 Tray 3, 250-sheet paper cassette

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