HP LaserJet M601, M602, M603 Part Numbers

LJ Enterprise M601N (CE989A); M601DN (CE990A); M602N (CE991A); M602DN (CE992A); M602DX(CE993A); M603N (CE994A); M603DN(CE995A); M603XL (CE996A).

Part #Description
RM1-8290 Control Panel, M601
RM1-8289 Control Panel, M602, M603
RC2-2468 Cover, Formatter
RM1-8408 Cover, Front
RC3-1426 Cover, Right Front
RM1-8445 Cover, Right, M601 Only
RM1-8400 Cover, Right, M602, M603 only
RM1-8434 Cover, Top, M601
RM1-8394 Cover, Top, M602, M603
CB527-67901 Custom Media Cass Asm
RM1-8401 Cover, left
RM1-8293 DC Controller
RM1-8414 Delivery Asm
RM1-8410 Delivery Drive Asm
RM1-8489 Drum Drive Asm
RM1-8358 Drum motor (M102) asm
RM1-8305 Duplex PC board Asm
RK2-2015 Duplex Reverse
CF062-67901/CF062A Duplexer Asm
RM1-8399 Duplexer Cover
CE399-67901 Envelope Feeder Kit
RM1-8388 Face Up Tray Asm
RK2-1988 Fan (FN101) - Fan that cools the cartridge and power supply area
RK2-1992 Fan (FN102) - Exhausts heat from toner cartridges
RK2-1989 Fan (FN102) - Fan that cools the cartridge area
RK2-3244 Fan (FN103) - Provides air to the cartridge area for cooling
RK2-2016 Fan, Duplexer
RM1-4548 Feed guide Asm
RM1-8285 Feed motor (M101) Asm
RM1-8311 Feed Motor Cable
RM1-8411 Feed Roller Asm
RM1-8424 Feed Shaft
RM1-8302 Feeder PC board Asm - For the 1x500-sheet paper tray Asm
CE998-67901/CE998A Feeder, 1X500 Sheet
CE988-67906 Formatter
RM1-5255 Front door Asm, 1x1500-sheet tray Asm
RM1-8395 Fuser
RM1-5051 Fuser motor (M299) Asm
RM1-8392 HVPS 110V
RM1-8294 Inner connecting PC board
RM1-8406 Laser Scanner
RG1-4266 LED PCB Asm
RM1-1094 Lifter Dr Asm, 500 Sht Feeder
RM1-4585 Lifter Drive
RM1-8453 Lifter Drive Asm For 500-sheet tray
RM1-5267 Mailbox Drive Asm
CF064-67901/CF064A Maintenance Kit
CE988-67907 Memory Asm, 8Gb Solid State
CE483-67901 Memory Dimm, 512mb
RM1-0289 Oil Damper Asm, 1,500-sheet Feeder
RM1-8303 Paper deck PC board  - For the 1x1500-sheet paper tray
RM1-8425 Pickup Asm, Tray 1
RM1-8415 Pickup Drive Asm
RM1-5221 Pickup Roller, envelope feeder
RK2-0270 Pickup Solenoid, Tray 2
RC3-1430 Power Button
WC2-5637 Push Switch
RC2-5225 Rear Access Panel
RM1-8413 Registration Roller Asm
RM1-0239 Sensing Flag
RM1-5091 Size Sensor Cable
RL1-0506 Solenoid
RK2-4078 Solenoid
CE404-67901, CE404-67904 Stacker Asm, 500-sheet
RM1-4826 Stapler Asm
CE405-67901 Stapler/Stacker Asm, 500-sheet
RK2-2025 Stepping Motor
CE390A Toner Cartridge, Black
RC2-5771 Torque Limiter
RM1-8491 Transfer Roller Asm
CE988-67904 Tray 2 P/U And Feed Rlr Asm
RM1-4559 Tray 2, 3, 500-sheet cassette
RM1-8429 UBS connection PC board
RM1-5226 Weight Asm (Envelope Feeder)