Part Numbers for LJ Pro 500 Color MFP M570, LJ Enterprise 500 Color MFP M575

Models: LJ Pro 500 Color MFP M570dw (CZ272A); M570dn (CZ271A); LJ Enterprise 500 Color MFP M575f (CD645A); M575dn (CD644A).

Part Number Description
Q7404-60024 Adf Hinge Asm, M575 only
L2725-60002 ADF Roller Replacement Kit, M575 only
CD644-67918 Adf Whole Unit Asm, M575 only
CC478-67901 Analog Fax Pcb
RC2-5954 Cart Lock
RC2-5955 Cart Lock
RC2-3983 Cart Pressure Front Lever
RM1-8135 Cassette Pickup Drive Asm
RU6-2316 Compression Spring
RU6-2318 Compression Spring
RU6-2568 Compression Spring
RC2-5912 Cover
RM1-8104 DC Controller
RL1-1941 Delivery Output Tray
CC468-67913 Duplex Reverse Guide
RM1-4959 Duplexing Feed Asm
RM1-5730 Duplexing Unit Cable Asm
CF081-67903 Feed Rlr Asm Tray
CZ272-60001 Formatter, M570
CD644-67909 Formatter, M575
RM1-5532 Front Lock Arm Asm
CE484A Fuser Maintenance Kit
RM1-4983 Fuser Motor
RM1-8134 Fusing Drive Asm
RC2-5118 Interlock Link
RC2-5119 Interlock Link
RC2-5120 Interlock Link
RC2-5122 Interlock Link
CD644-67908 Intermediate Transfer Belt
RM1-8087 Lower Hvps Pcb Asm
RM1-8105 Main Motor Unit Asm
CD644-67904 Pickup Feed And Sep Rlr As
CD644-67903 Pickup Feed/Separation Roller Asm
RM1-4968 Pickup Roller, Tray 2
RM1-5533 Rear Lock Arm Asm
RM1-8123 Right Door Asm
RC2-5937 Right Door Lock
RC2-5059 Right Lower Cover
RC2-5057 Right Rear Cover
CD644-67914 Secondary Transfer Roller
RM1-4952 Secondary Transfer Roller Asm
RM1-8178 Sensor Cbl Guide
RM1-8129 Separation Roller Asm
RM1-5488 Shutter
RM1-5489 Shutter
RM1-8097 Switch Pcb Asm
RK2-3267 Temperature Sensor Asm
RU7-2192 Tension Spring
CE254A Toner Collection Unit
RM1-5700 Toner Sensor Holder Asm
RC2-5958 Torsion Spring
CF084-67901/CF084A Tray Asm, 500 Sht
RM1-8088 Upper Hvps Pcb As
RM1-8138 Waste Toner Duct Asm

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