Part Numbers for LJ Pro 500 MFP M521, LJ Enterprise 500 MFP M525

Models: LJ Pro MFP M521dn (A8P79A); M521dw (A8P80A);
LJ Enterprise 500 MFP M525dn (CF116A); M525f (CF117A); M525c (CF118).

Part Number Description
CF116-67910 ADF Asm - M525DN/M525F
Q7404-60025 ADF Asm - M525F/DN
Q7404-60029 ADF Hinge, M525
A8P79-60014 ADF Hinge - M521
CZ271-60023 ADF Hinge Left - M521
A8P79-65014 ADF Whole Unit Kit - M521DN/DW
RM1-8502 Cartridge Door Asm - M525
RM1-8512 Cassette 500 sheet Tray 2
RM1-6279 Cassette 500 sheet Tray 3/4
A8P79-60115 Control Panel - M521
CD644-67916 Control Panel Asm - M525F/M575F/M725F/M775F
CD644-67920 Control Panel Asm - M525C/M575C
RC3-1863 Cover Formatter - M525
RM1-8615 DC Controller
RK2-1499 Fan - P3015P3005/P3015/M3027/M3035
5851-3499 Fax Cable - Cm3530/M525C/F/M575C
CF206-60001 Fax PCB - M425/M476/M521
CF206-67018 Fax PCB - M425/M476/M521
A8P80-60001 Formatter - M521
CF104-69001 Formatter - M525DN/F Standard
CF104-69003 Formatter Kit Blue Angel - M525F/DN
RM1-8508 Fuser Asm - M521DN/M525DN
KIT-P3015-GR Gear Kit - P3015/M521/M525
RM1-6263 Guide Lower Feed - P3015DN/M525DN
CF116-67907 HDD 320Gb Encrypted - M525F/DN/C
CF116-67915 Hdd 500Gb Encrypted - M525DN/F/C
RM1-8519 HVPS
5851-5380 Keyboard - M525C/M575C
5851-4998 Kit ADF Mylar - M525DN
L2718A Kit ADF Roller Replacement - LJ M630/M775/Scanjet 6300
CF116-67904 Kit Fax - M525DN
CF116-67903 Kit Maintenance Universal - M525DN
RM1-6322 Laser Scanner - LJ M521/M525/P3015
RM1-8514 LVPS - M521/M525
RM1-6520 Main Motor - P3015/M525
RM1-8523 Motor Fuser - M521DN/M525DN
CF116-67917 Multi-Purpose Cover - M521/M525
CF105-69001 PCB Workflow Formatter - M525C
RM1-8505 Pickup Asm - M521/M525
RL1-2412 Pick-Up Roller (Mp Tray Asm) - LJ M525/P3015
RM1-6323 Pick-Up Roller (Tray Asm 2/3/4) - LJ M521/M525/P3015
RM1-8507 Registration Asm - M525/M521
A8P79-65001 Roller ADF - M425/M476/M521/M570
RM1-6311 Roller Face Down Top Delivery - P3015/M525
RM1-6301 Roller Paper Delivery - P3015/M525
A8P79-60142 Scanner ADF Asm - M521DN
A8P79-60111 Scanner ADF Asm - M521DW
A8P79-65015 Scanner Flatbed - M521DN/DW
CF116-67918 Scanner With Cable - M525DN/M525F
RC2-8575 Separation Pad (Mp Tray Asm) (W/O Holder) - LJ M525/P3015
RM1-6303 Separation Pad Holder Asm (Tray Asm 2/3/4) - LJ M401/M425/M521/M525/P3015
RK2-1492 Solenoid Sl2 - P3005/P3015/M3035/M525
RK2-1490 Solenoid Tray Asm 1 - M3027
CF116-67916 Solid State Module 8Gb - M525DN
5851-4879 Spring ADF Separator Pad - M525/M570DN
5851-0786 Stapler - M525C/F/M575C
RM1-6321 Transfer Roller Asm - P3015/M525
CE530A Tray Asm 500-Sheet - P3015
CF116-67924 Workflow Image Scanner Whole Unit Kit

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