HP LaserJet M3027, M3035 Part Numbers

Models: LJ M3027 (CB416A); M3027x (CB417A); M3035 (CB414A, CC476A); M3035xs (CB415A, CC477A).

Part #Description
CB414-67926 Adf Asm, a size
CC476-67913 ADF assembly, legal size
CB414-67902 Adf cover
CB414-67918 Adf Feed Kit W/Pad
CB414-67918 Adf Feed Kit W/Pad
CB414-67903 Adf Input Tray Asm
RC2-0575 Arm (Includes Sensor
RC1-4081 Bushing
RC1-4114 Cam
RM1-3722 Cartridge Access Door Asm
RC2-0704 Cartridge Guide Lower Left
RC2-0703 Cartridge Guide Upper Left
RM1-4057 Cbl Harness, paper delivery sensor and fuser thermistors
RC2-0483 Compression Spring
RU5-2920 Compression spring - Goes on the pendulum assembly
RU5-2405 Compression spring - Provides pressure for E-reader holder
RU5-2401 Compression spring - Provides pressure for the large 201-tooth white gear on right side of printer
RU5-2385 Compression Spring, Tray 1 sep pad
RC1-4137 Contact Cam
RM1-4054 Contacts And Cbl, toner cartridge memory tag
CB414-60102 Control Panel Overlay
RC1-4115 Coupling Lever
RM1-3723 Cover Asm, MP
RM1-3724 Cover asm, Rear
RC2-0612 Cover, Engine Ctrlr
RC2-0726 Cover, Fax
RC2-0729 Cover, Internal Fax Cvr
RM1-3773 Cover, Left
RL1-1723 Cover, Right Front
RC2-0603 Cover, Right Lower
RC2-0605 Cover, Right Upper
RM1-3790 Cover, Stapler
RC2-0727 Cover, Stapler Door
RM1-3772 Cover, Top
CB414-60101 Ctrl Pnl Asm W/Overlays
RM1-1497 Delivery Roller asm
RC1-4055 Door Arm
RC1-4116 Drive Release
RC1-4117 Drive Release
RM1-1522 Drive Release Asm
RC1-4096 Duplex Inlet
RM1-3748 Duplexing Pendulum
RC1-4127 Elabel Reader
RM1-3774 Engine Ctrlr Asm
RM1-3743 Face Down Flag Asm
RM1-3742 Face Down Full Detect Asm
RM1-3749 Face Down Output Roller asm
RC1-3994 Face Down Rlr
RK2-1499 Fan, left
RK2-1497 Fan, right
Q3701-60020 Fax Module
RM1-3759 Feed Assembly
RC1-3935 Feed Guide
RM1-3760 Feed Guide Assembly
Q7819-61009 Formatter
RM1-3717 Fuser
RM1-3746 Fuser Drv Plate/Gear Asm
RC2-0649 Fuser Film Drive Side Plate
RC2-0657 Fuser Thrust Stopper
RM1-3741 Fuser, 220V
RU5-0951 Gear - 16-tooth gear
RU5-0958 Gear - 17/17 tooth - Goes on the fuser drive assembly
RU5-0959 Gear - 19-tooth - Goes on the fuser drive assembly
RU5-0956 Gear - 20/20 tooth - Goes on the fuser drive assembly
RU5-0950 Gear - 201-tooth gear
RU5-0957 Gear - 20-tooth - Goes on the fuser drive assembly
RU5-0960 Gear - 31-tooth gear
RU5-0955 Gear - 42-tooth - Goes with the pendulum assembly
RU5-0962 Gear - 65-tooth gear
RA0-1172 Gear 17T
RU5-0400 Gear, 12-tooth, On left side of registration roller asm
RU5-0394 Gear, 12-tooth, on the drive release asm
RU5-0409 Gear, 14-tooth, on the end of the registration roller
RU5-0366 Gear, 30-tooth, right side end of tray 1 pickup roller shaft
RM1-3714 Gear, P/U Rlr Gear As
RC1-4065 Grounding contact lever - Lever on left side that is moved by contact when the toner cartridge is installed
RC1-4066 Grounding contact lever - Lever on left side that pushes both contact springs against toner cartridge contacts on left side of cartridge
RC1-4009 Holder
RM1-3758 Hvps
RC2-0701 Inner Bushing
J7961A Jet Direct 635N
J7934G Jetdirect 620N (10/100-Tx) Roh
J7960A JetDirect 625N
J7960G JetDirect 625N
J7961G Jetdirect 635N
J7942A Jetdirect En3700 Ext Print
RM1-1521 Laser Scanner Asm
RC1-4067 Leaf spring - Leaf spring that provides electrical connection to left side of toner cartridge
RC1-4060 Lever
RM1-3757 Lower Transfer Guide asm
RC2-0722 M3027 Cvr Right Side Core
RM1-3712 Main Drive Asm Core
RK2-1488 Main Motor
RC1-4108 Main Motor Cvr
Q2626A Memory, 128 Mb Ddr
Q7719A Mfp Printer Memory 256Mb
RK2-0534 Microswitch
RM1-1490 Mp Tray Asm
RM1-3716 Mp Tray P/U Rlr Asm
RL1-1370 P/U Rlr
RM1-3763 P/U Rlr Asm
RL1-0568 P/U Rlr, MP
RM1-3738 Pad holder asm, Tray 1
J7972G Parallel Cbl
WG8-5624 Photosensor
RM1-3762 Pickup Assembly
RM1-1506 Position Guide Asm
RC2-0631 Pwr Switch
RC1-4126 Reader Holder
RM1-3715 Registration Asm
RC1-3936 Registration Cvr
XD9-0232 Retaining Ring, E-type
RC1-0922 Roller Bush
RM1-1485 Roller Stay Asm
CB414-67921 Scanner Asm, M3035 (Adf Asm)
RM1-3769 Sensor Flag Asm, Tray 2
RC1-3939 Sensor Lever
RC1-4027 Sensor Lever
RM1-4041 Sensor, Mp Tray
RM1-3796 Sensor, Opt 500-Sh Tray
RM1-4042 Sensor, Ppr Width
RC1-0939 Sep Pad
RC1-3937 Sep Pad Holde
RC1-3665 Shaft Bushing
CB414-60148 Sheet Metal Cage, Fax module
RC1-4069 Sheet static charge - Goes on the lower transfer guide assembly - Dissipates static charge from paper
RK2-1492 Solenoid, sl2
RK2-1490 Solenoid, tray 1
RC1-4140 Spring
Q7432-67001 Staple Cartridge Pack
CB414-67925 Stapler/stacker accessory for M3035.
RC1-4025 Static Charge Eliminator
RK2-1489 Stepping Dc Motor
RC2-0622 Sub Fan Holder
RU5-2407 Tension spring - Provides tension for cartridge access door arm
RU5-2388 Tension spring - Provides tension for white plastic arm on left side of cartridge access door
Q7551A Toner Black
RC1-4028 Torsion Spring
RC1-4059 Torsion Spring
RC1-4061 Torsion Spring
RC2-0665 Torsion Spring
RU5-2386 Torsion Spring, Tray 1 sensor flag
RM1-1508 Transfer Rlr Asm
RM1-3732 Tray 2, 500-Sheet Cassette

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