HP LaserJet M1522 Part Numbers

Models: LJ M1522n (CC372A); LJ M1522nf (CB534A).

Part #Description
CB534-67901 Adf
Q3948-67906 Adf Glass Window
CB534-60112 Adf Input Tray
CB534-40037 Adf Motor Shield
Q3948-67902 Adf Paper Sensor
CB534-67907 Adf Top Cvr
CB534-60117 Cable, Fax Card
RU5-2885 Compression Spring
CC372-60101 Control Panel Asm, copy models
CB534-60101 Control Panel, fax models
RC2-2960 Cover, Cartridge Access Top
RL1-1734 Cover, Front
RL1-1735 Cover, Left
RC2-2971 Cover, Rear Fuser
RL1-1736 Cover, Right
RL1-1732 Cover, Top
RM1-4932 Engine Controller Pcb Asm
CC502-60001 Fax Module Asm
RM1-4728 Fixing Asm
CC368-60001 Fmtr Fax Models Only (
Q3948-60113 Internal Speaker
RM1-4724 Laser Scanner Asm
RC1-2498 Latch, Left Scanner
RC1-2499 Latch, Right Scanner
RM1-4935 Main Motor Ctrl Board
Q3093-80004 Phone Cord Adapter Cord
5851-3580 Pickup Roller, ADF
RM1-4722 Pickup Tray Asm, MP
Q2665-60125 Sep Pad Asm, ADF (doesn't work on 3015)
RM1-4023 Transfer Roller Asm
RM1-4725 Tray, Output

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