HP Color LaserJet CP4025, CP4525 Parts - Click to Order

Models: CLJ CP4025n (CC489A); CP4025dn (CC490A); CP4525n (CC493A); CP4525dh (CC494A); CP4525xh (CC495A).

Part #Description
RM1-5786 Control Panel
RM1-5758 DC Controller
RM1-5522 Delivery Asm, duplex models
RM1-6700 Delivery Asm, simplex models
RM1-5641 Density Detect Sensor
RM1-5546 Duplexing Drive Asm
RM1-5531 Duplexing Guide Asm
RC2-4547 Face Down Swing Tray
RK2-2577 Fan, power supply
RC2-4566 Feed Duplexing Guide (simplex)
RM1-5525 Feed Roller Asm
CC493-67907 Feed/Sep Rlr Kit
CC493-69001 Formatter, network models
RM1-5506 Front Door Asm
CC493-67911, CE246A Fuser
RM1-5656 Fuser Drive Asm, Duplex models
RM1-6702 Fuser Drive Asm, simplex models
CE247A Fuser Kit 220V
RM1-5779 HVPS, Lower
RM1-5781 HVPS, Upper
CC493-67920 Internal Hard Drive Kit
RM1-5777 ITB Motor Asm
CC493-67914 Laser Scanner Asm
RM1-5763 LVPS
CC493-67915 Main Gear Drive Asm
RM1-5521 Main Motor
CE249A Maintenance Transfer Kit (Not Returnable)
CC493-67905 Memory Module, 512mb
CE467A Memory, 512mb
RM1-5919 P/U Asm
RM1-5929 P/U Asm For 1 X 500 Sht Feeder
RL1-2099 P/U Rlr, Tray 2/3/4/5
RM1-5549 Pickup Drive Asm
RL1-2184 Pickup Rlr D-Shape
CC497A Postcard Media Insert Tray
RM1-5496 Power Switch
WC2-5637 Push Switch
CC493-67917 Registration Roller Asm (Duplex Only)
CC493-67916 Registration Roller Asm (Simplex only)
RM1-5509 Right Door Asm
RM1-5937 Right Door Asm For 3X500 Sht Feeder
CC493-67908 Secondary Transfer Rlr Asm
CC492-67901 Secondary Transfer Roller Asm (Duplex)
CC492-67902 Secondary Transfer Roller Asm (Simplex)
CE260A Toner Cart Black standard yield
CE260X Toner Cart Black High Capacity
CF031A Toner Cart Cyan
CF033A Toner Cart Magenta
CF032A Toner Cart Yellow
CE265A Toner Collection Unit
RM1-5928 Tray 2/3/4/5, 500-sheet
CC425-67901 Tray, 500-sheet with feeder
RM1-5519 Waste Toner Duct Asm
CC493-67913 Waste Toner Reservoir Unit

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