HP LaserJet CP1215, CP1515, CP1518 Parts - Click to Order

Models: CLJ CP1215 (CC376A); CP1515n (CC377A); CP1518ni (CC378A).

Part #Description
RM1-4428 Cart Tray (Drawer) Asm
RM1-4469 Control Panel, CP1518
RC2-2014 Cover Holder, CP1215
RC2-2875 Cover, Center Rear, CP1215
RC2-3076 Cover, Center Rear, CP1518
RC2-1798 Cover, Dimm, CP1215
RC2-3073 Cover, Left Side, CP1518
RC2-1789 Cover, Left, CP1215
RC2-1790 Cover, Lower Rear, CP1215
RC2-3074 Cover, Lower Rear, CP1518
RC2-1788 Cover, Right, CP1215
RC2-1797 Cover, Right, CP1518
RM1-4465 Cover, Top, Cp1215
RM1-4466 Cover, Top, CP1518
RC2-1791 Cover, Upper Rear, CP1215
RC2-3075 Cover, Upper Rear, CP1518
RC2-2005 Cp1215 Cleanout Asm Door
RC2-2115 Cp1215 Rear Door Asm
RM1-4468 Ctrl Pnl, Cp1215
RM1-4813 DC Controller, CP1215
RM1-4811 DC Controller, Cp1510/Cp1518
RM1-8765 Feed/Sep Roller
CB479-60001 Formatter, Cp1510/Cp1515N/Cp1518Ni
RC2-1786 Front Door Asm, Cp1215
RM1-4461 Front Door Asm, Cp1518
RM1-4430 Fusing Asm 110V
RM1-4689 HVPS
RM1-7866 Itb Asm (Not Returnable)
RM1-4766 Laser Scanner Asm
RM1-4815 LVPS
CB434-60001 Photo Card Reader Pc Board, Cp1518
RM1-4426 Pickup Roller, Tray 2/3
RM1-4776 Power Supply 110V For Fuser
RC2-3077 Rear Door Asm, Cp1518
RM1-4445 Secondary Transfer Rlr
CB540A Toner Cart Blk
CB541A Toner Cart Cyan
CB543A Toner Cart Magenta
CB542A Toner Cart Yellow
RM1-4439 Tray Cassette Asm, Cp1215
RM1-4440 Tray Cassette Asm, Cp1515,CP1518

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