HP Color LaserJet CM6030, CM6040 Part Numbers

CM6030 (CE664A); CM6030f (CE665A);CM6040 (Q3938A); CM6040f (Q3939A). (CM6049 (CE799A) is 220V version.)

Part #Description
Q3938-67990 ADF
Q7829-67917 ADF Float
Q3938-67991 ADF Hinge Asm
Q3938-67969 ADF Maintenance Kit
CE487A Adf Maintenance Roller Kit
Q3938-67954 ADF Roller Cover
Q3938-67949 ADF Sep Pad Asm
XG9-0586 Ball Bearing
RM1-3258 Color Registration Sensor Asm
RM1-3389 Control Panel
Q3931-67905 Cover, Face Down
RM1-4408 Cover, Rear
RC1-9350 Cover, Upper Front
RC1-8925 Damper Gear
RM1-6642 DC Controller
RM1-3293 Delivery Asm
Item Code Description
RM1-3366 Drive Asm, Tray 1
RM1-3341 Drop Down Input Tray
CB384A Image Drum, Black
CB385A Image Drum, Cyan
CB387A Image Drum, Magenta
CB386A Image Drum, Yellow
RM1-4518 Drum Motor
RM1-3364 Fan
Q3701-60014 Fax/Modem
CE664-69004, CE664-69008 Flatbed Scanner
Q3938-67977 Formatter
CB457A Fuser
RM1-4519 Fuser Dc Motor
RM1-3247 Gear Asm, One-way
RU5-0791 Gear, 34T, Fuser Motor Plate
RU5-0790 Gear, 83/25T Fuser Motor Plate
RM1-3291 Guide Asm, Tray 1
Q3938-67985 HDD, 80GB
RM1-3582 HV Transfer "A" PCA
RM1-5475 HV Transfer "B" PCA
CC516-69002 Intermediate Paper Transport Unit
RM1-3222 Lifter Drive Asm
RM1-4125 Operation Tray Asm from Stacker
RM1-3570 Option Paper Sensor PCA Asm
RM1-3569 Paper Feed PCA Asm, 1x500 input tray
RM1-3533 Pickup Asm, 500-sheet
Q3931-67920 Pickup Roller and Retard Roller Kit, Tray 1
Q3931-67938 Pickup Roller and Retard Roller Kit, Tray 2-5
RL1-1289 Pickup Roller for 500-sheet feeder
Q3938-67984 Power Supply
RM1-3652 Reversing Asm for Duplexer
RL1-1321 Righ Front Cover for 3x500 sheet feeder
RM1-3333 Right Door Sub Asm
Q3938-67968 RLR KIT 150K LIF
CE664-69009 Scanner Controller Board
CC517A Stapler/Stacker
CB459A T2 Image Roller Kit 1
Q3931-67913 Toner Cartridge Drive Asm, Syan and Black
CB390A Toner Cartridge, Black
CB381A Toner Cartridge, Cyan
CB382A Toner Cartridge, Yellow
CB383A Toner Cartridge, Magenta
CB463A Transfer Kit 1
RM1-3345 Tray 1
Q3931-67918 Tray 2, 500-sheet
Q3931-67923 Tray 3, 4, 5. optional 500-sheet

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