HP Color LaserJet 9500 Parts - Click to Order

Models: CLJ 9500n (C8546A); 9500hdn (C8547A); 9500gp (Q6466A); 9500MFP (C8549A).

Part #Description
RF5-3688Arm, Front Flapper
RF5-3689Arm, Rear Flapper
4G1-4988Attachment latch asm
5851-2462Control panel asm
Q6006-60001Copy connect board asm
Q6005-67901Copy processor board asm
RB2-7648Cover, front, 2,000-sheet feeder assembly
C8085-60505Cover, Front, 3,000 sheet stacker
RB2-8054Cover, left
RB2-7336Cover, left upper
RB2-5683Cover, lower left front
RB2-5682Cover, Lower right front corner
C8085-60504Cover, Rear, 3,000 sheet output device
RB2-8063Cover, Right side, 'L' shaped rectangular cover for the right end of the scanner
RG5-6235Deck Controller PC Board
RG5-6150Delivery feed asm
RB2-7884Delivery Roller, Lower ADF
RG5-6108Door asm
C8085-60506Door, Stapler/stacker access
RG5-6228Drive asm, Deck
RG5-6018Drive asm, Fuser
RG5-6188Drive Asm, Process cartridge
RG5-6022Drive asm, Toner Cartridge
C9674ADuplexer asm
RH7-1564Fan, Cooling, Ozone
RH7-1632Fan, Delivery
RG5-6318Fan, Flatbed
RH7-1522Fan, Fuser
RH7-1554Fan, Upper right
RG5-6281Feed Roller Asm, Adf
RF5-3338Feed/separation/pickup roller
Q7725-67998Firmware - 32MB
RG9-1595Fixing Front Guide Asm
RF5-3676Flatbed Glass
Q7509-69001Formatter PC board asm
C8560AImage Drum, Black
C8563AImage Drum, Magenta
J7934AJetDirect 620n internal print server
J4135-61001JetDirect connectivity card
RG5-6181Laser scanner
C8085-60540Latching mechanism
C7850-67901Memory (DIMM), 128MB, 168-pin SDRAM
Q7723AMemory (DIMM), 512MB SDRAM 200-pin
C7848AMemory (DIMM), 64MB, 168-pin SDRAM
RH7-1481Motor, deck drive, 2,000-sheet feeder assembly
RH7-1518Motor, Registration
RG5-6307Optical Asm
RG5-6208Paper Input Unit (PIU)
RG5-6227Paper path connection asm
C8085-60552Paper path router
RH5-3073PCB, Intermediate
RH5-3074PCB, Intermediate
C8085-60567PCB, Stacker/stapler
WG8-5624Photo-sensor (TLP1241) - Sensor flag activated
RG5-6275Pickup asm, ADF
RG5-6090Pickup Asm, Tray 1
RG5-6196Pickup asm, Tray 2, 3
RG5-6283Pickup 'D' roller, ADF pickup assembly
RB2-1820Pickup roller - Tray 1
RB2-7961Pickup roller, ADF - 'D' shaped
RF5-3340Pick-up/feed roller asm
RG5-6250Power supply, feeder
RH3-0376Power Supply, HV for Corona
C8085-60559Power Supply, Stapler
RF5-3546Rail Guide, rear
RG5-6016Registration Asm
RH5-3122Scanner control PC board
RG5-6207Sensing Asm, Paper Size
RG5-6229Sensing Asm, Paper Volume
RG5-6258Sensor asm
RG5-5699Sensor Asm, End Paper
RG5-6123Sensor, Registration
C8085-60556Stapler carriage asm
C8085-60563Stapler unit for 3000 sheet stapler/stacker
C8085AStapler/Stacker, 3,000-sheet
4G1-5218Stapling unit
RG5-6206Switch asm
RB2-5759Torque limiter
C8555ATransfer Kit - Includes 2 small tray rollers, seven large tray rollers, one charcoal filter, one toner wipe, one transfer belt, and one transfer roller
RG5-5635Tray, 500-Sheet, Tray 2, 3
RG5-6316Tray, ADF output
RG5-6225Vertical registration assembly