HP Color LaserJet 5550 Parts - Click to Order

Models: CLJ 5550 (Q3713A); 5550n (Q3714A); 5550dn (Q3715A); 5550dtn (Q3716A); 5550hdn (Q3717A).

Part #Description
RG5-6770Cassette, Optional 500-sheet cassette
RG5-6647Cassette, Standard 500-sheet
RG5-6781Control Panel
RG5-6777Cover, Front
RG5-6778Cover, Front Top
RB2-9478Cover, Rear Cassette
RG5-6783Cover, Right
RG5-6688CPR/Density Sensor
RG5-7684DC controller PC board
RG5-6719Disengaging Drive Asm
RG5-6742Disengaging Plate Asm
RB2-9359Drive Release Plate
RG5-7725Drum Drive Asm, Black toner cartridge
RG5-7723Drum Drive Asm, Cyan and Magenta toner cartridges
RG5-7724Drum Drive Asm, yellow toner cartridge
RG5-6803E-label memory controller PC Board
RH7-1526Fan, Cartridge
RH7-1491Fan, Power Supply
RF5-3338Feed/Sep Roller, Tray 2,3
RG5-6801Fuser power supply
RS7-0302Gear, 66T
J7960GHP Jetdirect 625n internal ethernet print server
RB2-9358Interlock Lever
RS7-0321Drum drive gear, large, black and yellow drum drives
RG5-7681Laser Scanner
RG5-6753Lifter Drive Asm
RG5-6665Lifter Drive Asm
RG5-6676Lifter drive gear asm
Q3984AMaintenance Kit
RG5-7700Motor, Brushless fusing
C7130BOptional Feeder & Tray, 5500 and 5550
RG5-7709Pickup asm - Tray 2
RG5-6748Pickup Asm. Optional 500-sheet tray
RG5-7711Pickup Drive Asm
RG9-1529Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RF5-3340Pickup Roller, Tray 2, 3
RG5-6808Power Supply
RY7-5097Roller Kit
RG5-6715Sensor and Bracket Asm
RF5-3865Sep Pad, Tray 1
RF5-3865Separation Pad, Tray 1
RH7-1524Stepper motor
RS6-2626Tension Spring ETB Cup
C9730AToner Cartridge, Black
C9731AToner Cartridge, Cyan
C9733AToner Cartridge, Magenta
C9732AToner Cartridge, Yellow
C9734BTransfer Kit
RG5-6780Tray 1

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