HP Color LaserJet 5500 Part Numbers

Models: CLJ 5500 (Q9656A); 5500n (Q7131A); 5500dn (Q9657A); 5500dtn (Q9658A); 5500hdn (Q9659A).

Part #Description
RG5-6726 Cartridge Inlet Asm
RG5-7995 Cassette Sensor PCB
RG5-6647 Cassette, Standard 500-sheet
RG5-6781 Control Panel
RG5-6778 Cover, Front Top
RG5-6779 Cover, Rear Top
RG5-6688 CPR/Density Sensor
RG5-6786 Damper Asm
RG5-6850 DC Controller
RG5-6719 Disengaging Drive Asm
RG5-6742 Disengaging Plate Asm
RB2-9359 Drive Release Plate
RG5-6720 Drum Grounding Asm
RG5-6728 E-Label Antenna Asm
RG5-6761 Electromagnetic Clutch Asm
FLG-5500-ENT Entrance Flag
RB2-9258 Entrance Guide
RH7-1526 Fan, Cartridge
RH7-1490 Fan, Formatter
RH7-1491 Fan, Power Supply
RF5-3338 Feed/Sep Rollers, Trays 2, 3
RG5-6772 Feeder PCA, Optional 500-sheet tray
C9712-67902 Firmware DIMM, 5500
C9661-67902, C9662-69002 Formatter, duplex
C9660-67911, C9660-69011 Formatter, simplex
RG5-6848 Fuser
RG5-6714 Fuser Drive Asm
C9735A Fuser, 110v
C9736A Fuser, 220v
RS7-0326 Gear, 36T
RS7-0302 Gear, 66T
RG5-6725 HV Toner Contact Asm
RG5-6800 HVPS
RG5-6449 HVPS Toner Contact Asm
RB2-9269 Inner Entrance Guide
RB2-9358 Interlock Lever
RS7-0138 Large Drive Drum Gear
RG5-6736 Laser Scanner
RB2-9271 Left Fuser Cover
RB2-9150 Left Side Pressure Gear
LVR-5500-L Left Tension Lever
RG5-6665 Lifter Drive Asm
RB2-9390 Lower Left Cartridge Guide
RG5-6672 Lower Left Frame Asm, Tray 2
LPR-5500 Lower Pressure Roller
RG5-6673 Lower Right Frame Asm, Tray 2
RH7-1494 Motor
RB2-9152 One-way Hinge
C7130B Optional Feeder & Tray, 5500 and 5550
C7130A Optional Feeder & Tray, 5500 only
RG5-6769 Paper Size Detection Asm
RG5-7993 PCA Toner Sensor
RG5-6748 Pickup Asm, Optional 500-sheet tray
RG5-6670 Pickup Asm, Tray 2
RG5-6661 Pickup Drive Asm
RG9-1529 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RF5-3340 Pickup Rollers, Trays 2, 3
RG5-6808 Power Supply
RB2-9272 Right Fuser Cover
RB2-9475 Right Hinge Support
RB2-9151 Right Side Pressure Gear
LVR-5500 Right Tension Lever
RY7-5097 Roller Kit
RF5-3898 Scanner Shutter Lever
RG5-6715 Sensor and Bracket Asm
RG5-6842 Sensor Flag
RF5-3865 Sep Pad, Tray 1
RF5-3749 Separation Plate, Tray 2
FLM/5500 Sleeve
RH7-5330 Solenoid, Pickup Drive Asm
C9669B Stand
RB2-9561 Static Comb Cleaning Brush
RG5-6845 Static Discharge Asm Kit
RG5-6846 Static Dispatcher
Q3713-67901 Static Dissipation Kit
RS6-2511 Tension Spring
RS6-2626 Tension Spring ETB Cup
C9730A Toner Cartridge, Black
C9731A Toner Cartridge, Cyan
C9733A Toner Cartridge, Magenta
C9732A Toner Cartridge, Yellow
RB2-8122 Toner Shutter Gear
RG5-6446 Top Cover Hinge Asm
C9734B Transfer Kit
RG5-6780 Tray 1
RG5-6675 Tray Link Arm Asm, Tray 1
RG5-6770 Tray, Optional 500-sheet cassette
RB2-9391 Upper Left Cartridge Guide

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