HP Color LaserJet 4730, CM4730 Part Numbers

CLJ 4730MFP (Q7517A); 4730x MFP (Q7518A); 4730xs MFP (Q7519A); 4730xm MFP (Q7520A). CLJ CM4730 (CB480A); CM4730f (CB481A); CM4730fsk (CB482A); CM4730fm (CB483A);

Part #Description
RM1-2219 2 X 500 500-Sheet Paper Tray/Cassette
RM1-2366 2 X 500 Sheet Feeder Cassette Size Cable
RM1-2365 2 X 500 Sheet Feeder Feed Drive Board Asm
RM1-2240 2 X 500 Sheet Feeder Lower Paper Pickup Asm For Lower Half Of 2 X 500 Sheet Paper Tray Asm
RM1-2238 2 X 500 Sheet Feeder Lower Paper Pickup Drive Asm - Located In 2 X 500-Sheet Paper Tray Asm
RM1-2231 2 X 500 Sheet Feeder Motor Asm
RM1-2369 2 X 500 Sheet Feeder Motor Cable
RM1-2368 2 X 500 Sheet Feeder Solenoid Cable
RM1-2371 2 X 500 Sheet Feeder Solenoid Cable
RM1-2232 2 X 500 Sheet Feeder Upper Paper Pickup Asm - Used In 2 X 500 Sheet Paper Feeder
RM1-2229 2 X 500 Sheet Feeder Upper Paper Pickup Drive Asm - Located In 2 X 500-Sheet Paper Tray Asm
RC1-6048 2 X 500 Sheet Paper Feeder Rear Cover
PF2282P353NI ADF Clear Plastic Paper Guide
PF2282P343NI ADF Compression Spring - Holds The White Mylar Backing Plate Firmly Against The Document Passing Through The ADF Asm (Two Used)
PF2282P352NI ADF Cover Spring - Provides Tension For Left Side Plastic Cover Of ADF Asm - Two Used
PF2282K042NI ADF Input Tray Asm
PF2288P041NI ADF Jam Access Cover - To Remove Paper Jam From The ADF
PF2282K164NI ADF Jam Access Latch
Q5997-67901 ADF Maintenance Kit - Includes The ADF Pickup Roller Asm, Separation Pad Asm, And Three Clear Mylar Replacement Strips
PF2282K043NI ADF Mylar Holder Asm
PF2288K050NI ADF Mylar Replacement Kit - Includes Three Clear Mylar Replacement Strips For The ADF Guide - Mounts In The ADF Mylar Holder Asm
PF2282P060NI ADF Output Base Bin Cover
PF2282P061NI ADF Paper Stop - ADF Output Tray Paper Stop
PF2282K039NI ADF Pickup Roller Asm
PF2282K040NI ADF Pickup Roller Cover - 'C' Shaped Plastic Cover That Surrounds The Pickup Roller Asm - Mounts On The Bottom Of The ADF Cover Asm
PF2282K008NI ADF Right Side Hinge Asm
PF2282K035NI ADF Separation Pad Asm
PF2282K034NI ADF Separation Pad Frame Asm
PF2282K165NI ADF To Scan Control Board Cable
PF2282P025NI ADF White Backing Plate Asm
PF2282P339NI ADF White Plastic Scanner Background Plate - Used As A White Background During Flatbed Document Scanning - Mounts On The Underside Of The ADF Asm (Above The Scanner Asm)
PF2288-SVPNR Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Asm - Does Not Include Exteranl Plastic Covers
RM1-2356 Cable Asm - Goes To Mp/Tray 1 Pickup Unit, Mp/Tray 1 Pickup Unit Tray Sensor Switch And Pickup Drive Asm Components
RC1-4310 Cartridge Drive Gear, 29-Tooth Gear
RC1-4309 Cartridge Gear, 30-Tooth Gear, Drives 29-Tooth Gear
Q7517-67910 Cassette Roller Kit - Includes Two Pickup/Feed Rollers And One Separation Roller - Can Be Used In Tray 2, 3 And 4 - One Kit Per Tray
RC1-4396 Compression Spring - Contact Spring For Toner Cartridge - Four Used
RM1-1676 Contact Asm - High Voltage Contact For Attraction Roller
CB480-60126 Control Panel, Cm4730
RK2-0648 Cooling Fan - Duplexer Unit
RK2-0623 Cooling Fan - Sub Power Supply Fan - Fan Fm2
RK2-0621 Cooling Fan - Used On Cartridge Area, Fuser Area And Delivery Area Cooling Fans - Fans Fm5, Fm6 And Fm7
RC1-5694 Cover, Front
RM1-2105 Cover, Right
RM1-2346 DC Controller
RM1-1730 Delivery Asm
RM1-2179 Delivery Cover Asm
RM1-1717 Disengaging Drive Asm
RM1-1659 Drum Motor Asm - Provides Power For All Four Drums - For Motors (M1) Through (M4) - One Each - Four Used
RM1-2112 Duplexer Asm
RC1-5020 Duplexer Lock Tab
RM1-1662 Electrostatic Transfer Belt (Etb) Lever Asm - Right Top Of Etb Clips Into This
RM1-1663 Electrostatic Transfer Belt (Etb) Lever Asm - Top Left Of Etb Asm Clips Into This
RM1-1785 Etb Duplexing Feed Asm
RM1-2358 Fan Cable - Connects Fan Driver Pca To Electrostatic Transfer Belt (Etb) Cooling Fan - Fan Fm8
RM1-2345 Fan Driver PC Board Asm
RM1-1756 Feed Asm
RM1-2355 Feed Unit Connect Cable Asm - Cable From The Dc Controller To The Paper Feed Asm
RM1-0037 Feed/Sep Roller
IR4041-SVPNR Flat Bed Scanner
RK2-0802 Flat Cable, Formatter To Paper Scanner
Q7517-69006 Formatter
RM1-1642 Formatter Board Power Cable Asm
RM1-0942 Front Cover - Covers The Front And Center Of The Printer
WC4-5242 Front Door Ajar Switch - Switch Sw1
RK2-0615 Fuser Drive Motor (M5)
RK2-0622 Fuser Fan, Fuser Area, Fm1
RM1-3131 Fuser, 110V
RM1-3146 Fuser, 220V
RM1-1675 Guide Asm - Connector Guide Asm For Electrostatic Transfer Belt (Etb) - Located On Lower Left Side Of Etb
CB480-67911 Hard Drive Kit - 40Gb OEM
Q7517-67915 Hard Drive Kit - 40Gb refurbished
J6073A Hard Drive, 20 Gb
RC1-4394 High Voltage Contact For Toner Cartridge - Four Used
RM1-1608 High Voltage Power Supply Pc Board
WP2-5187 Humidity Sensor Asm - Located At Bottom Of Left Side Etb Fan Duct
RM1-2199 Input Pickup Asm, Tray 1
RM1-2279 Intermediate Paper Transfer Unit (Iptu) Feeder Asm
RM1-2295 Intermediate Paper Transfer Unit (Iptu) Top Cover Asm
RK2-0812 Intermediate Paper Transfer Unit Stepper Motor - Two Used
RM1-1591 Laser/Scanner Asm - Separate Scanner Used For Each Toner Cartridge - Four Used
RC1-4386 Left Electrostatic Transfer Belt (Etb) Cap - Lower Left Side Of Electrostatic Transfer Belt (Etb) Asm - Slides Into A Purple Plastic Piece
RC1-4846 Left Side Arm Cover
RC1-4387 Left Side Cartridge Pressure Lever - Holds Cartridge Against High Voltage Contact - Four Used
RM1-2115 Left Side Printer Cover Asm
RM1-1750 Lifter Drive Asm - For Paper Tray 2
RC1-4323 Lower Cover,  Lower Left Corner Of Electrostatic Transfer Belt (Etb) Area
RK2-0627 LVPS
RM1-2137 Main Drive Asm
Q7502A Maintenance Kit
RM1-1618 Memory Board Pca
RM1-1653 Memory Contact Cable - Connects To E-Label Sensors
Q7721-67951 Memory, 128Mb, 200Pin, Dimm
Q7722-67951 Memory, 256Mb, 200 Pin, Dimm
Q7723-67951 Memory, 512Mb, 200-Pin, Sdram Dimm
RM1-2180 Output Tray
RL1-0612 Paper Level Sensor Flag - Paper Sensor Flag In Delivery Asm
RM1-0940 Paper Output Tray - With Pull Out Tray Extension
WG8-5696 Photo-Interrupter Sensor Asm (Does Not Include The Sensor Flag)
RM1-2198 Pickup Drive Asm
RK2-0624 Pickup Drive Asm Solenoid
RM1-2189 Pickup Motor Asm
RL1-0019 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RM1-0036 Pickup Roller, Trays 2,3
RC1-4397 Pressure Plate
RC1-4360 Pressure Plate, Right - When This Plate Is Pushed, It Rotates A Gear, Which Then Moves A Bar Which Engages The Main Drive Asm
CB480-67911 Printer Hard Drive Asm
RM1-2118 Rear Of Printer Cover Asm
RC1-4352 Right Electrostatic Transfer Belt (Etb) Cap
RC1-4864 Right Side Arm Cover
IR4041K512NR Scanner Control Board
RM1-1644 Sensor Cable - Between Dc Controller Board And Disengaging Drive Sensor
RM1-1638 Sensor Cable - From Dc Controller Board To Sensors Sr1, Sr2 And Sr3
RF5-3750 Sep Pad, Tray 1
RC1-2597 Stapler/Stacker Access Door
Q5691A Stapler/Stacker, 500-Sheet Sheet
RK2-0618 Stepper Motor - Disengaging Motor (M8)
RC1-4423 Tension Spring - Provides Tension For Etb Right Side Lower Pressure Plate
Q7491-67911 Tension Spring - Provides Tension For Left Side Cartridge Lever - Four Used
RC1-0198 Tension Spring - Provides Tension For Lifter Drive Asm
Q6460A Toner Cartridge - Black
Q6461A Toner Cartridge - Cyan
Q6463A Toner Cartridge - Magenta
Q6462A Toner Cartridge - Yellow
RM1-1609 Toner Sensor Pc Board - Small Vertical Board On Right Side Of Toner Cartridges
RM1-3161 Transfer Kit
RM1-2109 Tray 1
RM1-2200 Tray 1/Mp Tray Cover
RM1-0041 Tray 2 Paper Size Tray Sensing Asm - White Plastic Tray Size Sensing Fingers And Microswitch Asm
R96-5062 Tray Asm, 2 X 500-Sheet

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