HP Color LaserJet 4700 Part Numbers

Models: CLJ 4700 (Q7491A); -dn (Q7493A); -dtn (Q7494A); -n (Q7492A); -ph+ (Q7495A).

Part #Description
RM1-1669 Cartridge guide asm, Right Lower
RM1-1668 Cartridge guide asm, Right Upper
RC1-4385 Cartridge interlock plate, Left side
RC1-4354 Cartridge interlock plate, Right side
Q7725-68003 Color Laserjet firmware - Compact flash media firmware for Laserjet 4700 series - Version 46.032.2
RM1-1617 Control panel asm
RK2-0623 Cooling fan - Sub power supply fan - Fan FM2
RM1-1742 Cover, Front Lower
RM1-1739 Cover, Left
RM1-1747 Cover, Rear
RM1-1738 Cover, Right. 4700
RC1-4854 Cover, Top
RM1-1745 Cover, Top Front
RC1-4855 Cover, Top Right
RM1-1607 DC Controller
RM1-1730 Delivery asm
RM1-1717 Disengaging drive asm
RM1-1659 Drum motor asm - Provides power for all four drums - For motors (M1) through (M4) - One each - Four used
RC1-4863 Duplexer cover - Plastic strip across width of duplexer that attaches in front of paper output tray
RC1-4856 Duplexer cover - Small rectangle shaped plastic piece on top right side of duplexer asm
RC1-5043 Duplexer output tray
RM1-1784 Duplexing Asm
RM1-1785 Duplexing Feed Asm
RK2-0616 Electrostatic Transfer Belt (ETB) drive motor (M6)
RM1-1662 Electrostatic Transfer Belt (ETB) lever asm - Right top of ETB clips into this
RM1-1663 Electrostatic Transfer Belt (ETB) lever asm - Top left of ETB asm clips into this
RM1-1746 Face down output tray
RK2-0621 Fan, Delivery
RM1-1756 Feed Asm
RM1-0037 Feed/Sep roller
Q7491-69003 Formatter board asm - For Color LaserJet 4700 base model
Q7492-69003 Formatter board asm - For Color LaserJet 4700 N
RK2-0622 Fuser fan, fuser area, FM1
RM1-3131 Fuser, 110V
Q7503A Fusing asm kit - Includes the image fusing asm for 220VAC to 240VAC operation and installation guide
RC1-4392 Gear, 70-tooth, moves the cartridge interlock plate on left side of printer
RM1-1675 Guide asm - Connector guide asm for Electrostatic Transfer Belt (ETB) - Located on lower left side of ETB
J6073A Hard Drive, 20 gb
RM1-1608 High voltage power supply PC board
RM1-1677 High voltage terminal asm
Q7501A HP Color LaserJet Printer Stand
WP2-5187 Humidity sensor asm - Located at bottom of left side ETB fan duct
RM1-1591 Laser Scanner
RC1-4386 Left Electrostatic Transfer Belt (ETB) cap - Lower left side of Electrostatic Transfer Belt (ETB) asm - Slides into a purple plastic piece
RC1-4387 Left side cartridge pressure lever - Holds cartridge against high voltage contact - Four used
RM1-1750 Lifter drive asm - For paper tray 2
RK2-0627 LVPS
RM1-1716 Main drive asm
RM1-1618 Memory board PCA
RM1-1653 Memory contact cable - Connects to e-label sensors
Q2630A Memory, 128MB 200 pin DDR
Q7721A Memory, 128MB, 200pin, DIMM
Q2631A Memory, 256MB 200 Pin DDR
Q7722A Memory, 256MB, 200 pin, DIMM
RM1-1740 MP Tray Asm
Q7499A Optional 500 sheet feeder and tray asm
RL1-0612 Paper level sensor flag - Paper sensor flag in delivery asm
RC1-0503 Paper size detect lever for tray 2 - Also used in optional trays 3 and 4 - Three used per tray - One each
RM1-1760 Pickup drive asm - For 500 sheet feeder asm
RM1-1687 Pickup drive asm - For tray 1 and tray 2
RM1-1666 Pickup motor asm - Motor M5
RL1-0019 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RM1-0036 Pickup Roller, Trays 2,3
RC1-4397 Pressure Plate
RC1-4352 Right Electrostatic Transfer Belt (ETB) cap
RM1-1629 Sensor cable asm
RF5-3750 Sep Pad, Tray 1
C8091A Staple Cartridge
RK2-0618 Stepper motor - Disengaging motor (M8)
RC1-4423 Tension spring - Provides tension for ETB right side lower pressure plate
Q7491-67911 Tension spring - Provides tension for left side cartridge lever - Four used
Q7491-67903 Three roller kit - Includes pickup roller, separation roller and feed roller
Q5950A Toner Cartridge, black
Q5951A Toner Cartridge, cyan
Q5953A Toner Cartridge, magenta
Q5952A Toner Cartridge, yellow
RM1-1609 Toner sensor PC Board - Small vertical board on right side of toner cartridges
RC1-3293 Torque limiter - Located next to feeder roller in optional 500 sheet tray asm
RC1-4440 Torsion spring - Provides tension for MP Tray link arms - One used per side
RM1-3161 Transfer Kit
RM1-1693 Tray 2, 500-sheet Cassette
RM1-1764 Tray 3, 500-sheet Cassette

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