HP Color LaserJet 3000, 3600, 3800, 2700, CP3505 Parts - Buy Online

3000 (Q7533A); 3000n (Q7534A); 3000dn (Q7535A); 3000dtn (Q7536A);
3600 (Q5986A); 3600n (Q5987A); 3600dn (Q5988A);
3800 (Q5981A); 3800n (Q5982A); 3800dn (Q5983A); 3800dtn (Q5984A);
CP3505 (CB441A); CP3505n (CB442A); CP3505dn (CB443A); CP3505x (CB444A);
2700 (Q7824A); 2700n (Q7825A).

Part #Description
Q5982-67925 Cartridge Lock Kit
RM1-2585 Cartridge Sensor PCB
RM1-2576 Cassette Sensor PCA
RM1-2683 Contact Holder
RK2-0996 Control Panel, 3000
RK2-0989 Control Panel, 3600, 3800, CP3505
RM1-2715 Cover, Front, Duplex models
RM1-2673 Cover, Front, simplex models
RC1-6687 Cover, Left
RC1-6792 Cover, Rear Cassette
RM1-2669 Cover, Right
RM1-2713 Cover, Top, Duplex models
RM1-2672 Cover, Top, simplex models
RM1-2600 DC Controller, 3000, 2700
RM1-2580 DC Controller, 3600, 3800, CP3505
RM1-2722 Delivery Guide Asm
RM1-2687 Developing Separation Dr Asm
RM1-2581 Driver PCA
RM1-2720 Duplex Feed Dr Asm
RM1-2721 Duplex-Reverse Drive Asm
RM1-2722 Duplexer Guide Asm
RM1-2777 Face Down Tray Asm, 3000, 2700
RM1-2750 Face Down Tray Asm, 3600, 3800, CP3505
RK2-0954 Fan
Q5982-67908 Formatter, 3000, 3800 (duplex)
Q5982-67907 Formatter, 3000, 3800 (non-duplex)
Q5987-67903 Formatter, 3600
CB441-69005 Formatter, CP3505, Simplex only
CB441-69005D Formatter, CP3505, Duplex Capable
RM1-2671 Fuser Door, simplex models
RM1-2668 Fuser Dr Asm
RM1-4348 Fuser, new
RM1-2763 Fuser, Remanufactured
RM1-2578 HVPS
RK2-0956 LVPS
RM1-2751 Main Drive Asm
KIT-3600MNT Maintenance Kit
RM1-2711 MP Tray Asm
RL1-1097 MP Tray Cover
RM1-2710 MP Tray Extension
RM1-2774 Pickup Asm, 3000, 2700
RM1-2755 Pickup Asm, 3600, 3800, CP3505
RM1-2727 Pickup Roller, Opt. Tray 3 (500-sheet)
RM1-2741 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RM1-2702 Pickup Roller, Tray 2
RM1-2582 Relay PCA
RM1-6339 Scanner, 3000
RM1-6338 Scanner, 3600, 3800, CP3505
RM1-2735 Separation Pad with holder, Tray 3
RM1-2699 Separation Pad, Tray 1
RM1-2709 Separation Pad, Tray 2 
RC1-6383 Tension Spring
Q7560A Toner Cartridge, 3000
Q6470A Toner Cartridge, 3600, 3800, CP3505
RM1-2752 Transfer Belt
RC1-6381 Tray Hinge Link, Left
RC1-6382 Tray Hinge Link, Right
RM1-2705 Tray, 250 Sheet, Tray 2
RM1-2732 Tray, 500 Sheet, Tray 3
RM1-2750 Tray, Output

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