HP Color LaserJet 1600, 2600, 2605 Part Numbers

Models: CLJ 1600 (CB373A), 2600n (Q6455A), 2605 (Q7821A); 2605dn (Q7822A); 2605dtn (Q7823A).

Part #Description
RM1-1983 Control Panel, 1600/2600
RM1-1861 Control Panel, 2605
RC1-5173 Cover, Face Down
RC1-5183 Cover, Left
RC1-5184 Cover, Left Cassette
RC1-5188 Cover, Right Cassette
RM1-1975 DC Controller, 1600, 2600
RM1-3423 DC Controller, 2605
RM1-1859 Delivery Tray Asm
RM1-3190 ETB Asm, 1600/2600
RM1-1892 Etb Asm, 2605 Duplex only
CB374-60001 Formatter, 1600
Q5965-67901 Formatter, 2600
Q5965-67901 Formatter, 2600
Q5966-60001 Formatter, 2605 network, duplex
Q5966-60001 Formatter, 2605 network, duplex
Q7803-60002 Formatter, 2605 non-network simplex models
RM1-1856 Front Door Asm (simplex)
RM1-1857 Front Door Asm, 2605
RM1-1824 Fuser New (Duplex), 2605dn, -dtn
RM1-1828 Fuser New (Simplex), 2605
RM1-1820 Fuser New, 1600/2600
RM1-1978 HVPS, 1600/2600
RM1-3421 HVPS, 2605
RM1-5181 Laser Scanner, 1600, 2600
RM1-3492 Laser Scanner, 2605
RC1-5096 Left Ppr Retainer Arm, 1600/2600
RM1-1976 LVPS, 1600/2600
RM1-3891 LVPS, 2605
RM1-1928 Pickup Asm, Tray 2
RC1-5440 Pickup Roller, Tray 2, 3
RC1-5062 Retainer Arm
RC1-5319 Right Lever Lock Slide
RC1-5097 Rt Ppr Retainer Arm
RM1-1970 Scanner Asm, 1600/2600
RM1-1922 Sep Pad Asm, Cassette
Q6000A Toner Cartridge, Black
Q6001A Toner Cartridge, Cyan
Q6003A Toner Cartridge, Magenta
Q6002A Toner Cartridge, Yellow
RM1-1979 Toner Contact Asm
RM1-1925 Tray 2, 250-Sheet Cassette
Q6459A Tray 3 (Optional 250-sheet cassette)
RM1-1945 Tray 3 (Optional 250-sheet cassette)

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