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Models: LJ 9000 (C8519A); 9000n (C8520A); 9000dn (C8521A); 9000hn (C8522A). 9050 (Q3721); 9050n (Q3722); 9050dn (Q3723); 9050dnm (Q7511); 9040 (Q7697); 9040n (Q7698); 9040dn (Q7699)

Part #Description
RG5-62352000-sheet Feeder Deck Ctrl Pcb
RB2-76482000-sheet Feeder Front Cover
RG5-62502000-sheet Feeder Power Supply
RG5-62282000-sheet Feeder Ppr Deck Dr Asm
RG5-62292000-sheet Feeder Ppr Volume Sensing Asm
RG5-5741Cartridge Lifter Asm
RG5-5746Cartridge Release Lever
RM1-7793Control Panel, 9000/9040/9050 (Not for MFP versions)
RG5-5734Control Panel, 9000MFP
5851-2462Control Panel, 9050MFP/9500N/9500MFP
CC395-60102Control Panel, M9040/M9050
RG5-5701Cover, Back
RG5-5702Cover, Front
RB2-6491Cover, Left Upper
RG5-5705Cover, Left Lower
RB2-5683Cover, Lower Left Front T2/3
RB2-5682Cover, Lower Rt Front T2/3
RG5-5737Cover, Right
RB2-5689Cover, Right Lower
RB2-5684Cover, Right Rear
RG5-5811Cover, Service
RB2-5660Cover, Top Left
RB2-5659Cover, Top Right
RG5-5778DC Controller, 9000
RG5-7780DC Controller, 9040, 9050
RG5-5642Delivery Asm 
RG5-5643Delivery Asm, face down
RG5-5645Delivery Crossmember Asm
RG5-5647Diverter Asm (Face-up Delivery Asm)
RG5-5646Diverter Asm and Left Door
RG5-5656Drum Feed Drive Asm
RH7-1656Drum Feed Drive Motor
RG5-5699End Sensor Asm
C4788-60512Face Up Bin
RB2-5690Face-up Tray
RH7-1623Fan (Controller Board), 9040, 9050
RH7-1658Fan 3 (Rear Del) (Rh7-5296)
RH7-1661Fan 6 (Fd Tray)
RH7-1659Fan, Front Delivery
RH7-1657Fan, Power Supply
Q1314AFax Accessory
RF5-3338Feed/Sep Roller
C8531AFeeder, 2000-sheet
C9147AFirmware, 9000
Q7725-67997Firmware, 9040mfp, 9050mfp
CF038-67020Firmware, M9040/50
Q7725-68000Flash Memory, 32 mb, 9040, 9050
C8519-67901Formatter, 9000
C8523-67902Formatter, 9000Mfp
Q3726-67907Formatter, 9040Mfp, 9050mfp (Not For M9040/M9050)
Q3722-67901Formatter, 9040N, 9040DN, 9050N, 9050DN
Q3721-69008Formatter, 9050 base model
CC395-67902Formatter, M9040, M9050
RG5-5724Fuser Connector Asm
RG5-5659Fuser Delivery Drive Asm, 9000
RG5-7789Fuser Delivery Drive Asm, 9040/50, 9040mfp, 9050mfp, M9040/50
RH7-5288Fuser Delivery Motor
RB2-5654Hinge Arm Front Cover
RG5-5700Jam Removal Knob
RG5-5826Laser Scanner
Cover, Left Back
RG5-5648Left Door Damper Asm
RG5-5730LVPS, 9000
RG5-7778LVPS, 9040/9050
C9152AMaintenance Kit
RG5-5719Memory Controller Pc Board
C7843AMemory, 16Mb,100Pin Sdram Dimm
RG5-5681Paper Input Unit, Trays 2, 3
RG5-6208Pickup Asm, Tray 4
RF5-3403Pickup Roller, Optional Tray 1
RF5-3340Pickup Roller, Trays 2, 3
RG5-5663Registration Asm
RG5-6204Right Rail Guide
RF5-3404Separation Roller, Optional Tray 1
C8084-60522Stacker Power Supply
C8085-60504Stacker Rear Cover
C8091AStaple Cartridge
C8085-60559Stapler Power Supply
C8085-60563Stapler Unit For C8085A
C8085-60558Stapler/Stacker Accumulator
C4788-60513Stapler/Stacker Bin
C8085-60556Stapler/Stacker Carriage Assembly
C8085-60552Stapler/Stacker Ppr Path Router
RG5-6206Switch Asm
C8543XToner Cartridge
RG5-5717Toner Cartridge Contact Asm
RB2-5759Torque Limiter
RG5-5651Transfer Guide Asm
RF5-3319Transfer Roller
RG5-5662Transfer Roller Asm
C8568-67901Tray 1
RG5-5635Tray 2, 3
RH7-5306Tubeaxial Fan
RG5-5723Upper Cbl Guide Asm
RG5-6225Vertical Reg Asm

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