HP LaserJet 8100, 8150 Parts - Click to Order

Models: LJ 8100 (C4214A); 8100N (C4215A); 8100DN (C4216A); 8150 (C4265A, C9135A); 8150N (C4266A); 8150DN (C4267A); 8150 MFP (C4268A); 8150hn (C4269A).

Part #Description
RG5-42062000-sheet Input Tray Adjustable Foot
RG5-39082000-sheet Input Tray Controller Board
RG5-38512000-sheet Input Tray Paper Deck Drive Asm
RG5-21662000-sheet Input Tray Sensor Pca, Ppr Qty 
RG5-21682000-sheet Input Tray Sensor Pca, Ppr Size
RG5-40212000-sheet Input Tray Univ Power Supply
RG5-44422X500 Input Tray Controller PCA
RG5-4377Cable Asm
RG5-4378Cable Asm With Ferrites
RB1-6427Cartridge Stopper
RG5-5268Control Panel
RB1-6489Cover, AC Access
RG5-4362Cover, Front
RB1-6480Cover, Lower Left
RG5-1915Cover, Right
RB2-3642Cover, Right Rear
RG5-4360Cover, Top
RG5-4375DC Controller
RG5-1874Delivery Asm
RG5-4325Diverter Asm
RB2-3558Diverter Door Asm
RF5-2701Door Support
C3765BEnvelope Feeder
RH7-1289Fan, Delivery Asm
RH7-1271Fan, Formatter
RH7-1396Fan, Laser Scanner
RH7-1266Fan, LVPS
RK2-2082Fan, Tray 1 Pickup asm
RF5-1834Feed/Separation Roller
RG5-4305Feeder Asm
C4214-60003Firmware, 8100
C8530-67903Firmware, 8150
C4107-67901Formatter, 8100
C4265-67901Formatter, 8150
RG5-4381Fuser Cable
RG5-1850Fuser/Duplex Cable/W Bracket
RG5-4306High Voltage Power Supply
J3111AJd 600N Eio 10 Base T Re
J3110AJd 600N Eio 10 Base T Re
J4169AJetDirect 610N 10/100 Base T
J4135-61001JetDirect Card Local Talk/Usb/Serial
RG5-4344Laser Scanner
RG5-4357Low Voltage Power Supply
Q5693-60531Mailbox Elevator Stepper Motor
C4781-60504Mailbox Interface C-Link Cable
RG5-4365Main Drive Asm
RH7-5219Main Motor
C3914AMaintenance Kit
C7843AMemory, 16Mb,100Pin Sdram Dimm
RG5-4334Paper Input Unit
RG5-1860Paper Pickup Board
RG5-4330Pickup Asm, Tray 1
RF5-1835Pickup Roller
RB2-3851Pickup Roller (D-Roller)
RB1-9526Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RF5-2708Pickup Roller, Tray 2,3
RG5-1845Ppr Size Sensor Board
RG5-4303Registration Asm
RG5-4308Registration Clutch
RF5-2703Separation Pad, Tray 1
RG5-1846Switch Sensor Pca
C4182XToner Cartridge
RB2-3581Torque Limiter
RG9-1361Transfer Asm
RF5-1394Transfer Guide
RF9-1394Transfer Roller
RG9-1361Transfer Roller Asm
RG5-4329Tray 1
R98-1005Tray 2
R98-1004Tray 3
RB1-6491Tray, Faceup