HP LaserJet 8000, 5Si Parts - Click to Order

Models: LJ 8000 (C4085A); 8000N (C4086A); 8000DN (C4087A); 5Si (C3166A); 5SiNX (C3950A); 5SiMX (C3167A); 5SiHM (C3124A).

Part #Description
RG5-1860 Board, Pickup
C3909A Cartridge, Toner
RG5-2433 Control Panel, 5Si
RG5-5268 Control Panel, 8000
RB1-6489 Cover, AC access
RB1-6480 Cover, lower left
RG5-1915 Cover, right
RG5-1870 Cover, Top
RG5-1844 DC Controller
RG5-1874 Delivery Asm
RG9-1150 Diverter Asm
RB1-6667 Diverter door assembly
RB1-6822 Duplexer roller asm
C3762A Duplexer, 5Si
C3765B Envelope Feeder
RH7-1266 Fan
RH7-1271 Fan 3
RH7-1289 Fan, tubeaxial
RG5-1834 Feed Assembly
RF5-1834 Feed/separation roller
C3168A Formatter board
RG5-4447 Fusing assembly
RG5-1888 HVPS
RG5-1895 Laser/Scanner
RG5-1876 LVPS
C4785-60545 Mailbox power supply assembly
RG5-1847 Main drive Asm
C3971B Maintenance Kit
RH7-1260 Motor, Main
C3765B Optional envelope feeder
RG5-1845 Paper size sensor board
RG5-1880 Pickup asm, tray 1
RB1-6730 Pickup roller, Tray 1
RF5-1835 Pickup roller, Tray 2, 3
RG5-1852 PIU
C3169A Postscript (level two) SIMM module
RG5-2281 Power supply, 2000 sheet paper tray
RG5-1833 Registration asm
RF5-1455 Sep Pad, Tray 1
C3146A SIMM, 16MB
RG5-1875 Solenoid, faceup
RF5-2701 Struts, Door Support
RG5-1846 Switch/sensor PCA
FB6-5091 Torque Limiter
RF5-1394 Transfer guide
RF5-1412 Transfer Roller
RG5-1887 Transfer Roller asm
RG5-1883 Tray 1
R77-0004 Tray 2, 5Si
R98-1005 Tray 2, 8000
R77-0003 Tray 3, 5Si
R98-1004 Tray 3, 8000
RB1-6490 Tray, face-down
RB1-6491 Tray, face-up

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