HP LaserJet 5200 Part Numbers

Models: LJ 5200 (Q7543A); 5200n (Q7544A); 5200tn (Q7545A); 5200dtn (Q7546A); 5200L (Q7547A).

Part #Description
RM1-2458 Cartridge Door Asm
RU5-2587 Compression Spring
RU5-2588 Compression Spring
RU5-2589 Compression Spring
RC1-7241 Contact Holder
RC1-7265 Contact Holder Cover
RK2-1097 Control Panell Asm
RC1-7285 Coupling Lever
RC1-7051 Cover, Left
RC1-7052 Cover, Left Front
RC1-7174 Cover, Rear Lower
RC1-7211 Cover, Right
RC1-7212 Cover, Right Front
RC1-7210 Cover, Right Lower
RM1-2471 Cover, Top
RM1-4098 DC Controller
RC1-7047 Delivery Roller Cover
VS1-7258 Drawer Connector
RC1-7281 Drum Drive Asm
KIT-5200-DD Drum Drive Kit
Q7549A Duplex Unit
RM1-2490 Face Down Top Output Bin Deliv Rlr Asm
RM1-2492 Faceup Output Tray
RK2-1091 Fan
RK2-1089 Fan, LVPS
RM1-2482 Feed Guide Asm
RM1-0037 Feed/Sep Roller, Tray 3
Q7548-67901 Feeder, Optional 500-Sheey
Q6497-69005 Formatter, base model
Q6498-69005 Formatter, network models
RC1-7401 Fuser Drive Asm
RM1-2522 Fuser New
RM1-2538 Fusing Asm Drive Motor
RM1-2474 Gear Asm
RU5-0575 Gear, 33/19T
RU5-0576 Gear, 36/17T
RU5-0574 Gear, 37/16T
RU5-0577 Gear, Fuser Drive, 31T
RU5-0536 Gear, Transfer Roller
RM1-2957 HVPS
RM1-2555 Laser Scanner
RM1-2912 Lifter Drive ASm, 500-sheet
RM1-2926 LVPS
RM1-2516 Main Motor
KIT-5200MNT Maintenance Kit
WG8-5624 Photosensor
RM1-2530 Pickup Asm, 250-sheet cassette
RM1-2896 Pickup Asm, 500 Sht Feeder
RL1-0915 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RM1-0731 Pickup Roller, Tray 2
RM1-0036 Pickup Roller, Tray 3
RM1-3001 Registration Asm
RM1-2897 Sensor Asm
RC1-7460 Sensor Flag
RM1-2546, RM1-1298, FM2-6707 Sep Pad, Tray 2
RM1-2462 Separation Pad, Tray 1
RK2-1096 Solenoid
RU5-2630 Spring
RU5-2632 Spring
RC1-7403 Swing Plate
Q7516A Toner Cartridge
RC1-7121 Toner Cartridge Guide, Front Left Side
RC1-7286 Toner Cartridge Guide, Lower Right Side
RM1-2485 Transfer Roller (no gear)
RM1-2479 Tray 2, 250-sheet
RM1-2900 Tray 3, 500-sheet
RC1-7459 Tray Full Sensor Flag

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