HP LaserJet 5000 Part Numbers

Models: LJ 5000 (C4110A, C4115A); 5000N (C4111A); 5000GN (C4112A); 5000LE (C4247A); 5000DN (C8068A).

Part #Description
RH7-5191 Clutch, Feed
RH7-5192 Clutch, Registration
RG5-3549 Cover, Front
RG5-3550 Cover, Left
RG5-5438 Ctrl Panel Ref
RG5-3547 Cover, Front Inner
RG5-3517 DC Controller, without cable
RG5-3542 Delivery Asm, Upper
RG5-3556 Door, Toner Cart Access 
C4113A Duplexer
RH7-1431 / RH7-1552 Fan
RG5-3522 Feed Asm
RG5-3526 Feed Belt Asm
RB2-3232 Feed Roller, 500 Sht Feeder Asm
RF5-2634 Feed/Separation Roller, Tray 3
C4114A Feeder, 250-sheet
C4115A Feeder, 500-sheet
C3974-67901 Formatter
RG5-5455 Fuser
J3110A Jd 600N Eio 10 Base T Re
J3111A Jd 600N Eio 10 Base T Re
J3113A Jd 600N Eio 10/100 Base
J3112A Jd 600N Eio Token Ring R
J4169A JetDirect 610N internal print server (10Base-T and 100Base-TX) LAN interface board
J4167A JetDirect 610N token ring LAN interface board - DB-9 and RJ-45 connectors
J6057A JetDirect 615N internal print server LAN interface board - 10Base-T and 100Base-TX
J4135-61001 JetDirect connectivity card
J4135A JetDirect connectivity card
RB2-1887 Large Feed Belt (Not Returnable)
RG5-4811 Laser Scanner
RB2-1989 Left Bushing Lower Deliv
RB2-1782 Lower Tray Sensor Lvr
RG5-3543 Main Gear Asm (Includes Main Motor)
C4110A Maintenance Kit
C4137A Memory, 16mb, 100-pin, 32-bit, 60nS, EDO DRAM DIMM
C7843A Memory, 16Mb,100Pin Sdram Dimm 
C4135A Memory, 4mb, 100-pin, 32-bit, 60nS, EDO DRAM DIMM
C7842A Memory, 8bm 100-pin SDRAM DIMM
C4136A Memory, 8mb 100-pin, 32-bit, 60nS, EDO DRAM DIMM
RB2-1745 No Longer AvailableFront Cover Pin
RB2-1820 P/U Roller, Tray 1
RG5-3560 Paper handling PCA
RB2-2023 Paper Stop
RG5-3519 Pickup Asm, Tray 1
RB1-8865, FB4-9817 Pickup D Roller, Optional Tray 3
RG5-3544 Pickup Drive Asm
RB1-6130 Pickup Roller Gear, Tray 1
RB1-6177 Pickup Shaft Bushing, Tray 1/2, Right
RH7-5195 Pickup Solenoid, Cassette
RH7-5194 Pickup Solenoid, Tray 1
RS5-2632 Pickup Spring
RB1-2190 Pickup Spring Clip
WS1-6204 Power Connector
RG5-6197 Ppr Guide Plate Asm, Tray 1
RG5-3551 Rear Cover Asm
RG5-3524 Registration Asm
RB2-1988 Right Bushing Lower Deliv
RB2-1749 Right Cover
RB2-1807 Sensor Flag Lever
RB2-1790 Sensor Mount
RF5-3439,RF5-4119 Sep Pad, Tray 1
RG9-1485 Sep Pad, Tray 2
RG5-4212 Size Sensor Pca, Opt 500 Sht 
RB2-1888 Sm Feed Belt (Not Returnable)
RF5-4117 Sub Pad, Tray 1
C4129X Toner Cartridge
RB2-1748 Top Cover Rear
RG5-3548 Transfer Guide Asm
RG9-1542 Transfer Roller
RB2-1821 Tray 2 P/U Roller
RB2-1791 Tray 2 Sensor Lever
RB2-2037 Tray Cover, 250 Sht
RB2-1781 Tray Sensor
RG5-7188 Tray, 250-sheet
C4117A Tray, 500-sheet

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