HP LaserJet IIISi, 4Si Part Numbers

Models: LJ IIISI (34491A); 4SI (C2010A).

Part #Description
RG5-0166 AC power supply
RG5-0103 Cable assembly, laser/scanner
RG5-0088 Control panel
RG5-0627 DC controller board, 4SI
33491-60160 DC controller board, IIISI
RG5-0168 DC power supply, 4SI
RG5-0085 DC power supply, IIISI
RG5-0067 Delivery cover asm
RF5-0081 Duplex roller (D-shaped)
C2061A Duplexer
C2060A Envelope feeder
RH7-1162 Fan, 4Si
RH7-1104 Fan, FM1
RH7-1105 Fan, IIISi
RF5-0041 Feed/Sep Roller
RH2-5104 Fiber optic cable
C2009-67901 Formatter, 4SI
RG5-0046 Fusing assembly
RG5-0170 High voltage power supply, 4SI
RG5-0076 High voltage power supply, IIISI
RG5-0038 Left block
92291B Letter Tray
RG5-0042 Main motor board
RG5-0040 Main motor drive asm
C2062A Maintenance kit -includes, transfer roller & clip, 6 pickup separation rollers, duplex roller, and (120V) fusing assembly
RG5-0073 Output tray
RG5-0034 Paper input board
RG5-0161 Registration asm
RG5-0039 Right block
RG5-0153 Scanner, 4Si
RG5-0021 Scanner, IIISi
RH7-5031 Solenoid, Feed
92291A Toner Cartridge
RB1-0818 Transfer clip
RG5-0141 Transfer roller

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