HP LaserJet 4L/4P Part Numbers

Models: LJ 4L (C2003A); 4ML (C2015A); 4P (C2005A); 4MP (C2040A).

Part #Description
RG5-0753 DC Controller, 4L
RG5-0681 Delivery Guide asm
RG5-0703 Fan
C2006-67901 Formatter, 4P
RB1-3100 Lower Pickup Roller
RG5-0765 Main Motor
CB420A Memory, 32MB DDR2 144PIN SDRAM DIMM
RG5-0668 Pickup Asm, 4L
RG5-0796 Pickup Asm, 4P
RB1-3029 Pickup Roller, 4L
RG5-0691 Rear Door
RF5-0596 Transfer Roller

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