HP LaserJet 4345, M4345 Part Numbers

Models: LJ 4345 mfp (Q3942A); 4345x mfp (Q3943A); 4345XS mfp (Q3944A); 4345XM mfp (Q3945A); M4345 (CB425A); M4345x (CB426A); M4345xs (CB427A); M4345xm (CB428A).

Part #Description
PF2282K165NI ADF cable to scanner
PF2282P353NI ADF clear plastic paper guide
PF2282P343NI ADF Compression Springs, white mylar backing
PF2282P059NI ADF Front Cover
IR4041P215NI ADF front cover flange
PF2282K008NI ADF Hinge Asm
PF2282K041NI ADF Hinge Asm
PF2282K166NI ADF Hinge Flaps
PF2282K042NI ADF input tray asm
PF2282P041NI ADF Jam Access Cover
PF2282K164NI ADF Jam Access Latch
PF2282P058NI ADF Left Cover
Q5997-67901 ADF maintenance kit - Includes the ADF pickup roller asm, separation pad asm, and three clear mylar replacement strips
PF2282K043NI ADF Mylar Holder Asm
PF2288K050NI ADF mylar replacement kit
PF2282P060NI ADF Output tray bottom cover
PF2282P061NI ADF output tray paper stop
PF2282K039NI ADF pickup roller asm
PF2282K040NI ADF Pickup roller cover
PF2282P044NI ADF Rear Cover
PF2282K035NI ADF separation pad asm
PF2282K034NI ADF separation pad frame asm
PF2282P352NI ADF Springs, Left Cover
PF2282P025NI ADF White Backing Plate
PF2282P339NI ADF white plastic scanner background plate
RC1-2827 Arm, door 1, top cover
RM1-1193 Cable, Envelope feeder cable, DC Controller board to envelope feeder connector
RM1-1011 Cassette support rail - Left side Tray 2 support rail asm
RM1-1012 Cassette support rail - Right side Tray 2 support rail asm
Q3942-60140 Control Panel, 4345mfp
CB425-67903 Control Panel, M4345
RM1-1018 Cover, Duplexing
RC1-3035 Cover, formatter
RL1-0457 Cover, Front Corner
RC1-3052 Cover, Front Left
RM1-1015 Cover, front, 4345mfp
RC1-3042 Cover, Rear
RM1-1017 Cover, Rear
RM1-1016 Cover, Right
RM1-1033 Cover, Right Lower
RC1-2911 Crossmember Support
RC1-3041 Cvoer, inner front
RM1-1354 DC Controller
RM1-1013 DC power supply
RM1-1047 Delivery Asm
RM1-1045 Door sensor asm - 500 sheet feeder asm
J6073A Drive (Product), High performance 20GB
RM1-1122 Driver PCA - 500 sheet feeder driver PCA
Q5969A Duplexer
RC1-2884 Duplexer Guide
RM1-1041 Engine Boad Power Supply
Q2438B Envelope feeder
Q2438B Envelope feeder
RM1-1376 Fan cable, DC Controller
RK2-0472 Fan, DC Controller
RK2-0278 Fan, Main
RK2-0280 Fan, right side of printer - Print cartridge fan - FN103
IR4041P521NI Fan, Scanner, 4345mfp
Q3701-60020-N Fax Accessory
RM1-0025 Feed Belt Asm
RM1-0012 Feed Roller Asm, Feed roller assembly; also 5851-4076
RM1-0037 Feed/Sep Roller, Cassette
Q5968-67901 Feeder, 500-sheet
Q7725-67947, Q2635-67907 Firmware, 4345mfp
RC1-0060 Flag, feed sensor flag for Tray 1
IR4041-SVPNR Flat Bed Scanner Asm, 4345mfp
RK2-0469 Flat Flexible Cable
RK2-0470 Flat Flexible Cable
Q3942-67901 Formatter, 4345mfp
CB425-67911 Formatter, M4345
RM1-1100 Front cover, M4345
RM1-1043 Fuser
RM1-1046 Fuser Entrance Guide
RM1-1044 Fuser, 220V
RU5-0045 Gear, 18-tooth gear, right side of printer in the Tray 2 pickup assembly
RU5-0256 Gear, 23-tooth
RU5-0050 Gear, 30-tooth gear - Black plastic gear that attaches to feed assembly clutch
5851-1827 Hard Drive Ribbon Cable
RM1-1398 Image Scanner Cable
J7934G JetDirect 620N (10/100-TX) ROH
J7960A JetDirect 625N (10/100/100)
J7960G JetDirect 625N (10/100/100)
J4135A JetDirect connectivity card
RM1-1573 Laser Scanner
RC1-2855 Laser Shutter Holder, Right Side
RM1-1029 Lifter Drive Asm
RM1-1457 Lifter Drive Asm, 500-sheet feeder
RM1-0981 Mailbox access door
Q5692A Mailbox accessory
RM1-1049 Main Drive Asm
Q5998A Maintenance Kit
Q2626A Memory, 128 MB DDR
Q2627A Memory, 256 MB DDR
Q2625A Memory, 64 MB DDR DIMM
RK2-0273 Motor
RM1-0005 Multipurpose Tray Asm
Q5968-67901 Optional 500-sheet feeder and tray/cassette
RM1-0940 Output Bin
RM1-1455 Paper Sensing Cable
RM1-1010 Paper Sensing Guide
RM1-0034 Pickup Drive Asm
RL1-0019 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RM1-0036 Pickup Roller, Tray 2
RC1-3044 Power Switch
RM1-1098 Registration roller assembly
RM1-1022 Reverse Asm
RM1-1019 Reversing separation guide asm
IR4041K107NI Scanner Belt Asm, 4345mfp
IR4041K102NI Scanner Carriage Lock Asm
IR4041P214NI Scanner Carriage Lock Cover
IR4041K121NR Scanner Carriage Optical Asm, 4345mfp
IR4041K512NR Scanner Controller Board, 4345mfp
IR4041K111NI Scanner Glass and Cover, 4345mfp
IR4041P522NI Scanner inverter PC board, 4345mfp
IR4041K114NI Scanner Left Cover
RC1-3043 Scanner lower lefft cover
IR4041K105NI Scanner Open Sensor Asm
IR4041P216NI Scanner Rear Cover
IR4041P213NI Scanner Right Cover
RM1-0041 Sensing Asm, Tray 2 paper size tray sensing assembly - White plastic tray size sensing fingers and microswitch assembly
WG8-5624 Sensor, Photo-sensor (TLP1241) - Sensor flag activated -
RL1-0007 Sep Pad, Tray 1
RK2-0276 Solenoid - Engages Tray 1 pickup roller
RK2-0269 Solenoid, pickup s
RC1-0061 Spring, Torsion spring; new: 5851-4076
Q5970A Stand with storage cabinet
RM1-0942 Stapler/stacker access door
RM1-0043 Swing Plate Asm
5851-2766 Swing Plate Kit
RC1-0167 Tension Spring, Paper Size Sensor
RM1-8438 Thermistor
Q5945A Toner Cartridge
RK2-0274 Toner Cartridge Motor
WC4-5139 Top cover interlock access switch
RC1-2758 Torque limiter
RM1-1110 / RM1-0699 Transfer Roller
RM1-1572 Tray 1
RM1-1001 Tray, 500-sheet
RC1-2853 Upper Plate Cartridge Guide
RC1-2856 Upper Plate Cartridge Support
RC1-2818 Upper Plate Latch
RC1-2820 Upper Plate Latch Handle Cover
RC1-2854 Upper Plate Legal-size Guide
RC1-2822 Upper Plate Link Handle
RC1-2830 Upper Plate Link Rod

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