HP LaserJet 4300 Parts - Click to Order

Models: LJ 4300 (Q2431A); 4300n (Q2432A); 4300dt (Q2433A); 4300dtn (Q2434A); 4300dtns (Q2435A); 4300dtnsl (Q2448A).

Part #Description
RM1-1191Cable, Memory, DC Controller board to the toner cartridge wireless memory contact tag
RG1-4213Cable, Top Cover cable - From top cover microswitch (SW101) to DC Controller board
RG1-4221Cable, Tray 2 pickup sensor cable - Connects to sensors PS101 and PS107
RM1-1195Control panel
RK2-0278Cooling fan on left side of printer - FN101
RM1-0114Cover, Cartridge access door 
RC1-0291Cover, Duplexer slot cover - Removable lower rear cover for Duplexer attachment slot
RC1-0288Cover, Formatter board cover
RM1-0050Cover, Front
RC1-0019Cover, Inner right front cover
RC1-0287Cover, Left side cover panel
RC1-0290Cover, Lower rear cover - Covers rear of standard 500 sheet tray
RM1-0046Cover, Right side cover assembly
RM1-0049Cover, Top
RC1-0289Cover, Top rear
RG1-4237DC Controller. 4300
RM1-0026Delivery Asm
RM1-0001Drive Asm, Main drive assembly - Main gear assembly on right side of printer
RM1-0034Drive Asm, Pickup drive assembly for Tray 2
Q2439ADuplexer, 4200/4300 only
Q2439BDuplexer, 4200/4300/4250/4350
Q2438BEnvelope feeder 
RK2-0280Fan, right side of printer - Print cartridge fan - FN103
RM1-0025Feed belt assembly
RM1-0012Feed Roller Asm, Feed roller assembly; also 5851-4076
RM1-0037Feed/Sep Roller, Cassette
Q2440BFeeder, Optional 500-sheet
RC1-0060Flag, feed sensor flag for Tray 1
RC1-0209Flag, Paper sensor flag for Tray 2 pickup assembly
RC1-0208Flag, Paper sensor flag holder
C9651-67901Formatter, 4300
RM1-0101Fuser, 4300
RM1-0002Gear Asm, Duplexing pendulum assembly - Gear assembly that transfers power from main motor to run duplexing capability
RU5-0045Gear, 18-tooth gear, right side of printer in the Tray 2 pickup assembly
RC1-0273Guide, feed belt guide for left side
RM1-0113Laser Scanner, 4300
RM1-0033Lifter Drive Asm, Tray 2
RH7-1570Main Motor, Main motor - Motor on front right side of printer - M101
Q2436AMaintenance Kit, 4300
C7843AMemory, DIMM, 16MB, 100-pin SDRAM DIMM
C7842AMemory, DIMM, 8MB, 100-pin SDRAM DIMM
RH7-1576Motor, Toner cartridge motor - Motor M102
RG1-4200PC Board, feeder assembly PC Board - PC Board on right side of 500 sheet feeder assembly
RC1-0211Pickup Arm
RC1-0212Pickup Arm Holder
RM1-0004Pickup Asm, Tray 1
RM1-0056Pickup drive asm
RM1-0036Pickup Roller, Cassette
RL1-0019Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RM1-0107Power Supply, 4300
RM1-1098Registration roller assembly
RM1-0041Sensing Asm, Tray 2 paper size tray sensing assembly - White plastic tray size sensing fingers and microswitch assembly
WG8-5624Sensor, Photo-sensor (TLP1241) - Sensor flag activated -
RL1-0007Sep Pad, Tray 1
RK2-0276Solenoid - Engages Tray 1 pickup roller
RK2-0269Solenoid, pickup
RC1-0213Spring, Compression spring, pickup and feed rollers in Tray 2 pickup assembly
RC1-0198Spring, Tension spring -lifter drive assembly
RC1-0061Spring, Torsion spring; new: 5851-4076
RM1-0043Swing Plate Asm
5851-2766Swing Plate Kit
RC1-0003Toner cartridge arm
Q1339AToner Cartridge, 4300
RC1-0335Torque limiter for 500 sheet feeder pickup roller
RM1-0007Transfer assembly
RM1-0699Transfer roller 
RM1-0027Tray Asm, Rear output tray assembly - Includes upper rear paper output tray and cover
RM1-1088Tray, 500-sheet
RM1-0005Tray, Drop down