HP LaserJet 4100 Part Numbers

Models: LJ 4100 (C8049A); 4100N (C8050A); 4100TN (C8051A); 4100DTN (C8052A); 4100mfp (C9148); 4101mfp (C9149A).

Part #Description
RG5-6549 ADF Asm
RB2-8769 ADF Pickup Roller
RF5-3808 ADF Sep Pad
RB1-8961 Arm lifter - White plastic arm that holds top left side metal corner piece up when loading paper in tray
RB1-8962 Arm lifter - White plastic arm that holds top right side metal corner piece up when loading paper in tray
RB1-8700 Arm, Laser shutter
RB1-8879 Arm, Paper tray sensing
RB2-2387 Arm, Tray 1 retaining
RB1-8849 Button, Power switch
RG5-6996 Cartridge Memory Controller
RB1-8974 Clutch, Separation roller - Torque limiter
RG5-2666 Control Panel
C4119-67902 Coupler Kit
RB1-8945 Coupler, Sep roller
RB2-4827 Cover, Duplex
RB1-8858 Cover, Formatter
RB2-4836 Cover, Rear Tray
RG5-2664 Cover, Right Front
RG5-2663 Cover, Top
RG5-5095 Delivery Drive Asm
RG5-5094 Delivery Asm
RB2-4927 Delivery Roller
C8054A Duplexer
RB2-4768 Duplexer Cover, Right Side
RB1-9045 Duplexer rear cover panel
RG5-5359 Engine Board
C8053B Envelope Feeder
RB2-5037 Envelope Feeder Cover
J3110A Ethernet 10Base-T (RJ-45) EIO network internal print server
J3111A Ethernet 10Base-T/10Base2 and LocalTalk (RJ-45, BNC, LocalTalk) EIO network PCA
RH7-1442 Fan
Q1314A Fax Accessory
RG5-5086 Feed Asm
RG5-5083 Feed Guide Asm
H3970-60001 Feed Kit
RF5-3114 / RF5-1885 Feed/Sep Roller
RG5-2673 Feeder controller board, Tray 2
RG5-2669 Feeder Cover, Left Side
C4169-67901 Formatter, 4100
C7844-67901 Formatter, 4100mfp, 4101mfp
RG5-5063 Fuser
RB2-5019 Gear Cover, Tray 1 Pickup Asm
C2985B Hard Drive, 2.1gb
J6057A HP JetDirect 615N internal print server LAN interface board - 10Base-T and 100Base-TX
J4169A JetDirect 610N 10/100 BASE T
J4135A JetDirect EIO card, local talk
RG5-5100 Laser Scanner
RG5-5539 Logic PCA, Lower Tray
RB2-4937 Lower Pressure Roller
RG5-3712 Lower tray connector and cable
RH7-1504 Main Motor
C8057A Maintenance Kit
C7843A Memory, 16MB, 100-pin SDRAM DIMM
C7842A Memory, 8MB, 100-pin SDRAM DIMM
RG5-2667 MP Tray Cover
WG8-5624 Photo-sensor (TLP1241) - Sensor flag activated -
RG5-5084 Pickup Asm, Tray 1
RG5-5277 Pickup Asm, Tray 2
RG5-5293 Pickup Asm, Tray 3
RB1-8877 Pickup Coupler
RB1-2190 Pickup roller spring hook
RG5-3718 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RB1-8957 Pickup Roller, Tray 2, 3
RB1-8851 Power Switch Actuator Rod
RG5-5087 Print Drive Gear Asm
RB1-8846 Rear output tray - Drop down release latch
RB1-8847 Rear tray latch release spring
RG5-5085 Registration Asm
RG5-5275 Registration Sensor Arm
RG5-5281 Separation pad for Tray 1 pickup assembly
RB1-8947 Separation roller access panel, 4000, 4050
RS5-2632 Tension spring - Provides tension for pickup roller
RM1-8438 Thermistor
C8061X Toner Cartridge
RB1-8841 Toner cartridge access panel
RB1-8756 Toner Cartridge Drive Rod
RG5-5276 Toner Cartridge Memory Tranceiver
WC4-5139 Top cover interlock access switch
RB1-8974 Torque Limiter (Separation Clutch)
RG5-5295, RG5-4283 Transfer Roller
RG5-2656 Tray 1
RB2-4122 Tray 1 Hinge Spring
C8055A Tray and Feeder Assembly, 500-sheet, 4000, 4050
C8056A Tray, 500-sheet (4100)
RG5-5097 Tray, Rear Output

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