HP LaserJet 4000, 4050 Parts - Click to Order

Models: LJ 4000 (C3094A, C4118A); 4000N (C4120A); 4000T (C4119A); 4000TN (C4121A); 4050 (C4251A); 4050N (C4253A); 4050se (C4255A); 4050T (C4252A); 4050TN (C4254A).

Part #Description
RB1-8700Arm, Laser shutter
RB1-8879Arm, Paper tray sensing
RB1-8910Arm, Paper tray sensing
RB1-8849Button, Power switch
RG5-2666Control Panel
RB1-8945Coupler, Sep roller
C4232-60101Cover, Dust, models with 1 500-sheet tray
C4233-60101Cover, Dust, models with 2 250-sheet trays
RB1-8858Cover, Formatter
RG5-2665Cover, Left
RG5-2680Cover, Left Lower Feeder, 4000T, 4050T
RG5-2667Cover, MP Tray
RG5-2664Cover, Right Front
RG5-2679Cover, Right Lower Feeder, 4000T, 4050T
RG5-2663Cover, Top
RG5-2678Cover, Upper Left, 4000T, 4050T
RG5-2677Cover, Upper Right, 4000T, 4050T
RG5-2648Delivery Asm
RG5-3721Delivery drive Asm
RG5-3693Engine controller
C4122AEnvelope Feeder
J3111AEthernet 10Base-T/10Base2 and LocalTalk (RJ-45, BNC, LocalTalk) EIO network PCA
RG5-2651Feed Asm
RG5-2643Feed Guide Asm
RF5-1885Feed/separation roller
RG5-2685Feeder control PCA, 250-sheet trays, 4000T/4050T
RG5-2673Feeder Control PCA, 500-sheet Tray 2
C4118-67908Formatter board Asm, 4000
C4251-67909Formatter board Asm, 4050
RG5-2661Fusing Asm
J6057AHP JetDirect 615N internal print server LAN interface board - 10Base-T and 100Base-TX
J4135-61001JetDirect connectivity card - Has one USB port, one serial (DB9) port, and one LocalTalk port
RG5-2641Laser Scanner Asm
RB2-2400Left duplex access panel - Covers the left duplexer mount
RG5-3821Lower tray logic PCA - With tray size switches
RG5-2653Main Drive Asm
RH7-1331Main motor Asm
C4118AMaintenance Kit
C7843AMemory, 16MB, 100-pin SDRAM DIMM
C7842AMemory, 8MB, 100-pin SDRAM DIMM
RG5-2656MP Tray asm
H3969-60001Paper path roller kit - Includes pickup D rollers (8 each) , Feed/Separation rollers (4 each) and Tray 1 pickup roller (1 each) - Installation procedure requires use of service manual
WG8-5624Photo-sensor (TLP1241) - Sensor flag activated -
RG5-2655Pickup Asm, Tray 1
RB1-8877Pickup Coupler
RG5-2672Pickup Drive asm, 500-sheet, Tray 2
RG5-2684Pickup drive Asm, Lower, 4000T, 4050T - 250 sheet
RG5-2690Pickup Drive Asm, optional 500-sheet tray
RG5-2683Pickup drive Asm, Upper, 4000T, 4050T - 250 sheet
RB1-2190Pickup roller spring hook
RB1-8957Pickup Roller, 4050
RG5-3718Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RB1-8865Pickup Roller, tray 2,3
RB1-8846Rear output tray - Drop down release latch
RG5-2642Registration and feed sensors Asm - Includes PS102/103
RG5-2652Registration Asm
RB2-2401Right duplex access panel - Covers the right duplexer mount
RG5-5281Separation pad, Tray 1
RG5-2645Support Asm, Right side top cover
C4127XToner Cartridge
RB1-8841Toner cartridge access door
RB1-8974Torque limiter
RG5-4283/RG5-5295Transfer roller
C8055ATray and Feeder Asm, 500-sheet, 4000, 4050
RB1-8844Tray Extension, Rear output tray
RB1-8887Tray size sensing lever Asm, 4000, 4050
C4126ATray, 250 sheet, 4000T, 4050T
C3122ATray, 500 sheet (standard)
C4125ATray, 500 sheet (universal)
C8056ATray, 500-sheet (4100)
RB1-8843Tray, Rear output