HP LaserJet 4, 4 Plus, 5 Part Numbers

Models: LJ 4 (C2001A); 4 Plus (C2037A); 4M Plus (C2039); 5 (C3916A); 5M (C3917A); 5N (C3952A); 5Se (C3082A).

Part #Description
RG5-0533 Control panel assembly, LJ 4
RG5-2238 Control panel board, LJ 5
RG5-0966 DC controller 4 Plus, 5
RG5-0511 DC controller LJ 4
RB1-2299 Delivery roller, LJ 4
RG5-0475 Delivery Sensor Arm, 4 Plus, 5
RG5-1077 Display with English Overlay
RG5-0876 Drive Asm,  4 Plus, 5
RG5-0457 Drive Asm, LJ 4
RH7-1177 Fan - LJ 4 Plus
RH7-1178 Fan - LJ 5
RH7-1144 Fan, LJ 4
C2038-67901 Formatter, 4 Plus
C2002-67901 Formatter, LJ 4
C3919-69001 Formatter, LJ 5
RS5-0231 Fuser drive gear, 19-T
RS5-0230 Fuser Gear, 34-T, UFR
RS5-0388 Fuser Gear, 42-T, LJ 4 Plus, 5
RS5-0232 Fuser output gear, 23-T
RG5-0454 Fusing assembly, LJ 4 (120V)
RG5-0879 Fusing assembly, LJ 4 Plus, 5 (120V)
RH7-4047 Fusing heat lamp, LJ 4
RH7-4054 Fusing heat lamp, LJ 4 Plus, 5
RB1-2263 Fusing roller, LJ 4
RG5-0513 HVPS, LJ 4
RG5-0449 Laser/scanner assembly, LJ 4
RG5-0903 Laser/scanner assembly, LJ 4 Plus, 5
RG5-0466 Leading edge registration sensor
RB1-2347 Left side cover, LJ 4
RB1-3471 Left side cover, LJ 4 Plus
RB1-7881 Left side cover, LJ 5
RF5-0446 Length Adjustment Plate
RF5-1077 Lower delivery roller
RB1-3517 Lower pressure roller - LJ 4 Plus, 5
RB1-2264 Lower pressure roller LJ 4
C2084A Lower Universal Tray Asm, 500-sheet, 4
RH7-1152 Main motor, 4
RH7-1301 Main motor, 4 Plus, 5
C2037A Maintenance kit, LJ 4 Plus (120V) - Includes fusing assembly, separation pad, transfer roller, multipurpose pickup roller, upper cassette pickup roller, and lower cassette pickup roller
C2001A Maintenance kit, LJ 4(120V) - Includes multipurpose tray pickup roller, upper & lower cassette pickup rollers, separation pad, transfer roller, and fusing assembly
C3916A Maintenance kit, LJ 5 (120V) - Includes fusing assembly, separation pad, transfer roller, tray 1,2,& 3 pickup rollers and instruction manual
RB1-2351 MP door with extender, LJ 4
RB1-3559 MP door, LJ 4 Plus
RB1-7886 MP door, LJ 5
RG5-0888 Multi-Purpose input tray 4 Plus
RG5-0472 Multi-Purpose input tray LJ 4
RB1-3558 Multi-Purpose tray extension, 4 Plus
RG5-0456 Output assembly, 4
RG5-0886 Output assembly, 4 Plus
RG5-2189 Output assembly, 5
RF5-0425 Output roller & holder
RG5-0512 Paper control board - LJ 4
RB1-2131 Paper guide
RG5-2195 Paper Input Unit, 5
RB1-2133 Paper out sensor arm
RG5-0451 Pickup Asm, 4
RB1-2127 Pickup Roller, Tray 1, LJ 4, 4 Plus
RB1-3477 Pickup roller, Tray 2, LJ 4 Plus
RB1-7911 Pickup Roller, Tray 2, LJ 5
RB1-2126 Pickup roller, Tray 2, LJ4
RB1-2650 Pickup roller, Tray 3, LJ 4, 4 Plus
RB1-7983 Pickup Roller,Tray 3, LJ 5
RG5-2499 Power supply
RF5-0533 Rear door assembly, LJ 4
RF5-0733 Rear door assembly, LJ 4 Plus
RS5-2219 Rear door latch spring
RB1-2335 Rear door latch, 4, 4 Plus
RF5-1645 Rear door, LJ 5
RB1-2346 Right side cover, LJ 4
RB1-3470 Right side cover, LJ 4 Plus
RF5-0343 Separation pad, Tray 1
RH7-7054 Thermistor asm, 4 Plus, 5
RH7-7045 Thermistor asm, LJ 4
RG5-0881 Thermoswitch, 4 Plus, 5
RG5-0474 Thermoswitch, LJ 4
92298A Toner Cartridge
RG5-0458 Top cover assembly, LJ 4
RG5-2186 Top cover assembly, LJ 5
RG5-0468 Transfer guide asm
RF5-0349 Transfer roller
C2085E Tray, 250-sheet, LJ 4 Plus
C2085B Tray, 250-sheet, LJ 4, letter
RB1-3516 Upper Fusing roller - LJ 4 Plus, 5

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