HP LaserJet 2410, 2420, 2430 Parts - Click to Order

Models: LJ 2410 (Q5955A); 2420 (Q5956A); 2420d (Q5957A); 2420n (Q5958A); 2420dn (Q5959A); 2430 (Q5960A); 2430tn (Q5961A); 2430dtn (Q5962A); 2430n (Q5964A).

Part #Description
RC1-4105 Bushing, Inner
RC1-3665 Bushing/Shaft Retainer (Plastic)
RC1-4114 Cam
RU5-2401 Compression Spring
RU5-2405 Compression Spring
RC1-4137 Contact Cam
RM1-1519 Control Panel
RC1-4115 Coupling Lever
RC1-4154 Cover, Face up
RC1-4148 Cover, Left
RM1-1517 Cover, Rear
RC1-4150 Cover, Right
RC1-4151 Cover, Right Front
RC1-4157 Cover, Right Lower
RC1-4156 Cover, Right Rear
RM1-1514 Cover, Top
RM1-1523 Cover, Tray 1
Q7715-67951 DIMM 64MB
RC1-4055 Door Arm
RM1-1503 Door Asm
VS1-7257-007 Drawer Connector
RM1-1512 Drive Gear Asm
RM1-1522 Drive Release Asm
RC1-4116 Drive Release Lever
RC1-4096 Duplex Inlet
RM1-1401 Duplexer Interface Cbl
RC1-4158 Dust Cover, Legal
RC1-4127 Elabel Reader
RM1-1516 Engine Ctrlr Asm
RM1-1524 Engine Ctrlr Asm 220V
RL1-0580 Face Down Delivery Rlr
RC1-3994 Face Down Roller
RK2-0571 Fan
RK2-0573 Fan, Sub
RC1-3935 Feed Guide
RM1-1504 Feed Guide Asm
Q5963A Feeder, Optional 500-sheet Tray 3
RM1-1500 Fixing Drive Side Plate Asm
Q6507-61005 Formatter Network
Q6508-61005 Formatter Non-Network
RC1-3946 Front Base Plate
RM1-1535 Fuser, 110V
RC1-3954 Gear Cover
KIT-2400-GR Gear Kit
RU5-0400 Gear, 12T
RU5-0375 Gear, 15T
RA0-1172 Gear, 17T
RU5-0379 Gear, 19T
RU5-0378 Gear, 20T
RU5-0377 Gear, 21T
RU5-0366 Gear, 30T
RU5-0389 Gear, 201T
RU5-0409 Gear, Registration Rlr
RC1-4065 Grounding Contact Lever
RC1-4066 Grounding Contact Lever
RC1-3953 Guide, Right Rear
RM1-1505 HVPS
RM1-1521 Laser Scanner
RC1-4122 Left Lower Toner Cartridge Guide
RC1-4121 Left Upper Toner Cartridge Guide
RC1-4060 Lever
RM1-1507 Lower Feed Guide Asm
H3980-60001 Maintenance Kit
RL1-0587 Motor, Main
RK2-0523 Motor, Stepping
RK2-0526 MP Solenoid
WG8-5624 Photosensor
RM1-1481 Pickup Asm, Tray 2
RM1-1482 Pickup Gear Asm
RL1-0568/RL1-0569 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RL1-0542 Pickup Roller, Tray 2
RM1-1484 Pickup Shaft Asm, Tray 1
RM1-1506 Position Guide Asm
RC1-3939 Ppr Sensor Lever
RC1-4136 Protective Plate
RM1-1422 Reader And Cable
RC1-4126 Reader Holder
RM1-1502 Registration Asm
RC1-3936 Registration Cover
RH7-1461 Reverse Motor
RC1-3998 Rlr Holder
RC1-0922 Roller Bushing, Right Side Transfer
RM1-1485 Roller Stay Asm
RC1-4027 Sensor Lever
RF5-3279 Sensor Lever Holder
RC1-3937 Sep Pad Holder
RC1-0939 Separation Pad
RM1-1298 Separation Pad, Tray 2
RC1-3913 Shaft P/U Drv
RC1-3955 Solenoid Holder/Mount
RK2-0528 Solenoid, Cassette
RH7-5273 Solenoid, Tray 1
RC1-4140 Spring
RU5-2388 Spring, Tension
RC1-3995 Spring, Torsion
RC1-4028 Spring, Torsion
RC1-4059 Spring, Torsion
RC1-4061 Spring, Torsion
RU5-2410 Spring, Torsion
RU5-2388 Spring, Tension
Q6511X Toner Cartridge
RM1-1508 Transfer Roller
RM1-1490 Tray 1 Support Asm
RM1-1486 Tray 2 cassette
RC1-4057 Tray Hinge Left
RC1-4058 Tray Hinge Right
RM1-1553 Tray, 500-sheet cassette
RC1-4106 Upper Right Toner Cart Guide