HP LaserJet 2300 Part Numbers

Models: LJ 2300 (Q2472A); 2300N (Q2473A); 2300D (Q2474A); 2300DN (Q2475A); 2300DTN (Q2476A); 2300L (Q2477A).

Part #Description
RG5-5554 Access Plate Guide
RM1-0337 Belt Drive Gear Asm
RB2-2831 Cartridge Guide, Left
RM1-0367 Cover Rear
RM1-0329 Cover, Dimm
RC1-1013 Cover, Front
RB2-3000 Cover, Front, Tray 2 and 250-sheet feeder cassette
RB2-6283 Cover, I/O
RM1-0328 Cover, Top
RH6-0226 Ctrl Panel
RH7-1588 Dc Motor
RM1-0334 Drive Asm
RB2-3003 End Plate, Tray 2 and 250-sheet feeder cassette
RG1-4307 Engine Board
RM1-0339 Engine Controller
RG5-5542 Face Down Delivery Roller
RM1-0371 Face Down Output Rlr
RH7-1591 Fan
C4793B Feeder, 250-sheet
C7065B Feeder, Optl 500-Sheet
Q2651-67903 Firmware, 2300
Q2677-67903 Firmware, 2300Dn/Dtn
Q1395-60002 Formatter
RM1-0354 Fuser
RB2-2892 Guide Rlr
RM1-0313 Laser Scanner
U6180A Maintenance Kit
RM1-0346 Pcikup Asm, Tray 1
WG8-5382 Photo Sensor
RM1-0332 Pickup Asm
RC1-0945 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RB2-6304, RL1-0540 Pickup Roller, Tray 2/3
RM1-0340 Power Supply
RG1-4306 Power Supply Pca
RM1-0347 Registration Asm
RC1-0922 Roller Bushing
RB3-0905 Sensor Arm (Flag)
RC1-0939 Sep Pad, Tray 1
RM1-0345 Sep Pad Asm (pad & pad holder), Tray 1
RC1-0954 Sep Pad, Tray 2
RF5-4258 Sep Pad, 250-sheet and 500-sheet trays, same as RC1-0954 but with metal weight
RH7-5279 Solenoid Auto Dplx Sl3
RM1-0331 Solenoid, access plate
RB2-2843 Spring, Torsion
RS6-2030 Tension Spring
Q2610A Toner Cartridge
RM1-0343 Transfer Roller
RG5-5575 Tray 1
RM1-0353 Tray 1 Asm
RM1-0350 Tray 2/3

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