HP LaserJet 2100 Part Numbers

Models: LJ 2100 (C4170A); 2100se (C4138A); 2100Xi (C4139A); 2100M (C4171A); 2100TN (C4172A).

Part #Description
RB2-2831 Cartridge Guide, Left
RB2-2830 Cartridge Guide, Right
RG5-4123 Cover, Dimm
RG5-4139 Cover, Left
RG5-4121 Cover, Mp/Tray 1
RB2-2857 Cover, Rear
RG5-4122 Cover, Top
RF5-2604 Delivery Roller, Face Down
C3098-60001 Dimm
RG5-4131 Drive Asm
RH7-5213 Drive Solenoid
RG5-4125 Engine Controller
RB2-2875 Face Up Extender Tray
RH7-1383 Fan W/Filter
KIT-2100-FD Feed Kit
RB2-3490 Feed Roller, Tray 3
C4793A Feeder, 250-sheet
C4132-69001 Formatter
RG5-4132 Fuser
RG5-4250 Intermediate Pcb
RG5-4172 Laser Scanner
RH7-1381 Main Motor
H3974-60001 Mainenance Kit
WG8-5382 Photo Sensor, Cassette
RG5-4128 Pickup Asm, Tray 1
RG5-4127 Pickup Asm, Tray 2
RB2-2900 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RB2-6304 Pickup Roller, Trays 2, 3
RG5-4129 Registration Asm
RB2-2842 Sensor Lever
RF5-3272 Separation Pad Asm, Tray 1
RB2-6348 Separation Pad, Tray 1
RB2-6349 Separation Pad, Tray 2
RB2-6474 Separation Pad, Tray 3
RH7-5209 Solenoid
RS6-2030 Spring, Tension
RB2-2843 Spring, Torsion
C4096A Toner Cartridge
RG5-4164 Transfer Rlr
RG5-4126 Tray 1/MP
RB2-3003 Tray 2 End Plate
RB2-3000 Tray 2 Front Cvr
RB2-2892 Tray 2 Guide Rlr
RB2-3007 Tray 2 Separation Sheet
C7058-67902 Tray Cvr Asm
RB2-2876 Tray, Face up
RG5-4141 Upper Del Guide

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