Lexmark Optra S Part Numbers

Part #Description
99A0519 16Mb Dram Memory Simm
99A1153 250-Sheet Drawer, Complete Asm, Optra S
99A0520 32Mb Dram Memory Simm
99A0517 4Mb Dram Memory Simm
99A1154 500-Sheet Drawer, Complete Asm, Optra S
99A0447 500-Sheet Drive Shaft
99A0724 64Mb Edo Dram Simm
99A0518 8Mb Dram Memory Simm
99A0446 Aligner Asm, Paper
99A0089 Alignment Asm, Feed
99A1055 Arm Asm, Pick 2000
99A1609 Arm, Paper Out 250-Sheet
99A0443 Arm, Paper Out 500
99A0349 Arm, Transfer Roll Asm Right
99A0354 Arm, Transfer Roll Left
99A0158 Backup Roll, Cbm 28 Mm
99A0692 Base, 2000 Option
99A0298 Base, 500 Bottom
99A0279 Bearing, Drive Shaft
99A0280 Bearing, Drive Shaft Low
99A0143 Bearing, Hot Roll
56P1228 Bellcrank
99A0278 Bellcrank, Roller Release
56P2540 Bellrank, 500-Sheet
99A0826 Board Asm, Fuser
99A0128 Board, Input Tray (Itc)
56P0314 Board, System With Jumper 250/500 Duplex
99A0062 Bracket, Level Sensor
99A0438 Bushing, Drive Roll
99A0150 Bushing, Hot Roll
99A0258 Cable, Fuser A.C.
99A0247 Cable, Hysnc
99A0256 Cable, Integrated Tray
99A0889 Cable, Laser
99A0250 Cable, Mirror Motor
99A0299 Cam Follower Asm Kit Parts Packet
99A0022 Cap, Mpt 2450/2455/3455
99A0284 Card Asm, Opt Tray
99A0171 Card W/ Thumper
99A1017 Charge Roll Asm Kit
99A0585 Contact Kit Parts Packet
99A0815 Contacts, Smart Cartridge
99A1006 Controller Board Asm 3455
99A0187 Controller Board, 1250/1620
99A1002 Controller, 1625
99A0183 Controller, 1650
99A0139 Controller, 2450
99A0844 Controller, 24Xx
99A0564 Coupler, Gear #55
99A0020 Cover Asm, Lower Front 2450/2455/3455
99A0552 Cover Asm, Redrive Cap
99A1142 Cover, Fuser Asm With Thermistor, Thermal Fuse, And Lh, Rh Fuser Lamp Contact Assemblies
99A0016 Cover, Fuser Wick Asm
99A0009 Cover, Left
99A0011 Cover, Right
99A0891 Deflector Asm, Inner 500
99A0055 Deflector, Inner
99A0080 Deflector, Lower
99A0056 Deflector, Upper Pf
99A0833 Detack Asm
99A0135 Developer Drive Asm
99A0655 Door Asm Front, 2000 Sheet Feeder
99A1748 Door Asm, Rear Access
99A0017 Door, Left
99A0018 Door, Left Panel 2450/2455/3455
99A0276 Drive Roll Asm
99A0272 Drive Shaft, 250-Sheet
99A1158 Dual Drawer, 500 Sht
43H5103 Duplex Unit, Complete Asm, Optra S
99A0946 Engine Board Asm With Jumpers 3455
99A1012 Engine Board, 1250/1255
99A0713 Ent Guide
99A1155 Envelope Feeder, Complete Asm Optra S
99A1631 Exit Roll Asm
99A0049 Fan, Auxiliary
99A0030 Fan, Main
99A0803 Fan, Main
11K0681 Feeder, 250-Sheet
11K0688 Feeder, 500-Sheet
99A0126 Finger, Autosize
99A0172 Flag, Exit Sensor
99A0084 Flag, Mpt Ppr Out
99A0464 Front Spacer
99A1192 Fuser Asm 115V 750W Lamp 3455
99A0476 Fuser, 16Xx/18Xx Fuser
99A1190 Fuser, 24Xx
99A0273 Gear, Bevel
99A0954 Gear, Bevel With Grease Packet
99A0274 Gear, Feed (Drive) Roll
99A0148 Gear, Idler
99A0325 Gear, Pass Thru Idler
99A0801 Gearbox, W/Motor
99A0130 Gearbox, W/Motor 1620/1650/1250/1255/1855/1625
99A0220 High Voltage Power Supply
99A1823 High Voltage Power Supply 010/212/414/616/01N/21N/61N
56P1463 Hot Roll Gear
99A0123 Indicator Asm, Paper Size
99A0930 Itc Board Asm
99A0627 Jumper, 2-Pin
99A0917 Kit, Upper Front Cover With Labels
99A0140 Lamp, 115V 750W Cc Red 2420/2450/2455/3455
99A0003 Latch, Upper Cover
99A0567 Link, Gear Release
99A0214 Lvps, 110 V Ac
99A0967 Maintenance Kit, 16Xx/18Xx
99A1195 Maintenance Kit, 24Xx
12G1695 Marknet N2001E Ethernet 10/100Basetx Internal Print Server
99A0321 Motor Asm, Dc Drive
99A0071 Mp Feeder Arm Asm
99A0083 Multipurpose Tray Parts Kit
99A0001 Operator Panel Asm
99A1197 Optra Se Fuser Maintenance Kit, Lv 3455
99A0654 Paper Low Switch
99A0448 Paper Out Arm
99A0512 Parts Kit, Charge Roll Link Asm, Left Side
99A0513 Parts Kit, Charge Roll Link Asm, Right Side
99A0186 Parts Kit, Erase Lamp/Lens
99A0695 Parts Kit, Paper Size Switch Asm
99A0405 Pick Arm Asm
99A1054 Pick Arm Asm
99A1056 Pick Arm Asm (250)
40X0070 Pickup Roller Asm
99A0076 Pickup Roller, Mp Tray
99A0082 Plate Asm Mpt
99A0124 Plate, Snap-In
99A0218 Power Supply, 12Xx
99A0275 Power Takeoff Spring
99A1229 Printhead Asm, 3455
99A0065 Printhead, 12Xx/16Xx
99A1138 Printhead,1855
99A0893 Restraint, Back 250-Sheet Tray
99A0921 Restraint, Door Hinge
99A1894 Restraint, Side 250-Sheet Tray
99A0144 Retainer, Backup Roll Bearing
99A0450 Retainer, Roller
99A0842 Rip Card, 1855
99A1003 Rip Card, 1855
99A0451 Roll, Skewed Backup
KIT-LEX Roller Kit
99A0086 Roller, Backup
99A0039 Roller, Developer Support
99A1129 Roller, Duplex Pass Through
99A0263 Screws Parts Packet
99A0341 Sensor, Exit - Optical
99A0053 Sensor, Input
99A0350 Sensor, Paper Level
99A0060 Sensor, Paper Out Internal Tray
99A0288 Sensor, Pass Thru
99A0138 Sensor, Standard Bin Level
99A0466 Sensor, Toner Cartridge Level
99A0572 Shaft Bearing Parts Packet
99A0074 Shaft, Bushing Pick Roll
99A0136 Shaft, Developer Drive
99A0134 Shaft, Power Takeoff 250
99A0549 Shield, Esd Asm With Label
99A0072 Solenoid Mpt (Frame)
99A1930 Spring Bell Crank, 500-Sheet
99A0286 Spring, Backup Roller
99A0494 Spring, Cam Clutch
99A0556 Spring, Counterbalance
99A0004 Spring, Latch
99A0181 Spring, Transfer Roll Left
99A0184 Spring, Transfer Roll Right
99A0419 Spring, Tray Bias
99A0553 Support, Paper
99A0063 Switch Activate Spring
1382625 Toner Cartridge
99A0828 Transfer Plate Asm
99A1015 Transfer Roll Asm
99A0115 Tray Asm, 250-Sheet
40X3351 Tray Option Card Asm
99A0289 Tray, 500-Sheet
99A0085 Tray, Backup Roller
99A0104 Upper Diverter Spring
99A0277 Wear Plate, Pass Thru
99A0681 Wear Strip
56P1279 Wear Strips
99A0292 Wear Strips
99A0146 Wiper Asm, Dry

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