Lexmark Optra E312 Part Numbers

Models: Optra E312 (4044-201); Optra E312L (4044-2L1)

Part #Description
99A0519 16MB DRAM Memory SIMM
99A0520 32MB DRAM Memory SIMM
99A0517 4MB DRAM Memory SIMM
99A0518 8MB DRAM Memory SIMM
12G0069 Bearing Asm, Transfer Roller Left
12G0049 Bearing Asm, Transfer Roller Right
12G3783 Board Asm, Controller E312, E312L (Model 2L1)
12G1878 Board Asm, Cover Open Sensor E312
12G1937 Board Asm, Engine E312
12G1896 Board Asm, HVPS E312
12G1898 Board Asm, HVPS-110 V ac E312
12G0030 Button, Operator Panel
12G1927 Cable Asm, Engine to HVPS E312
12G1940 Cable Asm, Motor to Engine Board E312
12G0027 Cable Asm, operator panel
12G1888 Cable Asm, Power Switch E312
12G0099 Cable Asm, Printhead to HVPS
12G0065 Clutch Asm, Pick Roller
12G0053 Contact Asm, HV-Main
12G0052 Contact Asm, HV-Transfer Roller
12G0175 Cover Asm, Cooling Air/Stacker
12G0098 Cover Asm, rear
12G1874 Cover, Front w/English Overlay E312
12G0040 Cover, Left Side
12G0037 Cover, Lower Front
12G1847 Cover, Right Side
12G0041 Cover, Top
12G0128 Fan, Cooling
12G1891 Finger, Detack E312
12G1885 Flag, Paper Exit Sensor E312
12G1882 Frame, Upper E312
12G1935 Fuser Asm,  E312
12G0081 Gear, Fuser Hot Roll
12G0126 Guide, Paper Stacker
12G0181 Latch, Front Exit
12G1887 LED Asm, Pre-Transfer E312
12G1881 Lever, Cover Open Sensor E312
12G0154 Lock, Print Cartridge, Left
12G0155 Lock, Print CartrIdge, Right
12G1877 Main Drive Asm E312
12G0044 Motor Asm, Main
12G1931 Pad Asm, Friction Left E312
12G1932 Pad Asm, Friction Right E312
12G0062 Pad Asm, Pick Roller
12G0032 Panel, Operator
12G1879 Printhead Asm E312
12G0165 Roller Asm, Fuser Exit/Redrive
12G1889 Roller Asm, Input feed E312
12G1933 Roller Asm, Pick E312
12G0156 Roller, Fuser Exit Center
12G1884 Sensor Asm, Input feed/Size E312
12G0064 Separator Asm, Paper
12G1929 Solenoid, Pick Roller Clutch E312
12G0059 Spring, Print Cartridge Lock
12G1939 Support, Paper E312
12G1938 Tray Asm, Paper E312
12G0029 Tray, Front Exit

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