Lexmark E250, E350, E450 Part Numbers

Models: E250d (4512-220; E250dn (4512-230); E350d (4512-420); E352dn (4512-430); E450dn (4512-630).

Part #Description
40X1454 32MB Flash Card
40X2853 ACM drive shaft Asm
40X2806 Controller card, E350d
40X2807 Controller card, E352dn
40X2808 Controller card, E450dn
40X2829 Developer drive coupling Asm
40X2823 Duplex and media sensor Asm
56P1820 Feed Tires
40X2840 Front access cover Asm
40X2800 Fuser Asm, 110 V
40X2847 Fuser Maintenance Kit, 110V
40X2803 Laser scanning unit (printhead), E350d/E352dn/E450dn
40X2811 LCD operator panel Asm, E450dn
40X2819 LV/HV Power supply card Asm, 110 V
40X2826 Main drive gear Asm
40X2842 Main tray
40X2830 Manual feed clutch CBM
40X2824 Manual input sensor Asm
40X2838 Media (ACM) drive Asm
40X2834 Media exit guide Asm
40X5930 Media feed ACM clutch CBM
40X2832 Media level indicator CBM
40X2856 Narrow media sensor
40X2843 Optional media drawer Asm
40X2845 Pickup and manual feed solenoids
40X2839 Rear upper and lower cover Asm
40X2837 Right side cover
56P2076 Toner level sensor
40X5069 Top cover Asm (includes narrow media sensor)
40X5068 Top cover right flag
40X2822 Transfer roll Asm
40X2854 Tray 1 wear strips
40X2844 Tray 2 Asm
40X2817 Tray 2 feed tires
40X2857 Upper front frame Asm

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