Lexmark E238, E240 Part Numbers

Models: E238 (4511-000); E240 (4511-100); E240n (4511-410); E240t (4511-100).

Part #Description
40X1340 250-Sheet Tray (1), complete asm E232, E330, E332
40X1331 Autocompensator clutch CBM
40X1591 Autocompensator clutch CBM
40X1306 Controller card, E240n
40X1328 Cooling fan
56P2079 Cover asm, top
40X1325 Exit sensor asm
40X1310 Front access cover asm, no logo, E238, E240, E240n
40X4194 Fuser asm, 110 V, E238, E240, E340, E342, X340, X342
40X1323 Input #1 sensor asm
40X1324 Input #2 sensor asm (manual)
40X1303 Laser/mirror printhead asm, E238, E240, X340, X342
40X1316 LED operator panel asm, E238, E240, E240n
40X1317 LVPS/HVPS card asm, 110 V
40X1333 Miscellaneous cable assemblies
40X1339 Rear cover asm
40X1354 Springs, ACM and front access door
56P2076 Toner level sensor
40X2817 Tray 2 feed tires

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