Lexmark E220, E321, E323 Part Numbers

Models: E220 (4500-101); E321 (4500-201); E321t (4500-201); E323 (4500-202); E323n (4500-213); E323t (4500-202); E323tn (4500-213).

Part #Description
12G4450 Cover, access (white)
12G4457 Asm, operator panel
12G4485 Lamp, fuser, 110 V
12G4494 Roll, fuser, backup
12G4495 Pawl, detack (1 each)
12G4496 Roll Asm, idler (1 each)
12G4509 HVPS
56P0199 Bearing, left transfer
56P0690 Asm, D-roll (E220/E321/E323 only)
56P0691 Pad Asm, paper separator
56P1052 Fan, cooling (E220/E321/E323)
56P1053 Fuser NLA
56P1063 Clutch Asm, feed (E220/E321/E323 only)
56P1071 Controller Card, E220/E321
56P1073 Card, controller E323
56P1079 Asm, sheet feed (black)
56P1099 Parts pack, bushings/clip/spring
56P2441 Gear Asm, drive

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