Lexmark C935 Part Numbers

Models: C935dn (5057-230); C935dtn (5057-230); C935hdn (5057-230).

Part #Description
40X3758 24V LVPS card Asm
40X1509 256MB DDR-DRAM
40X3698 2nd transfer roll Asm
40X1454 32MB Flash Card
40X1455 64MB Flash Card
40X3746 C developer carrier
40X3669 CMY developer drive motor Asm
40X3741 CMYK toner add motor Asm
40X3775 DC main cable Asm
40X3776 DC rear right cable Asm
40X3718 Developer interlock plate Asm
40X6788 Developer unit Asm
40X3797 Duplex media inverter Asm
40X3690 Feed roll one-way clutch
40X3691 Feed roll one-way gear 22T
40X3747 Fuser Asm 110 V
40X3748 Fuser Asm 220 V
40X3743 K developer carrier
40X3721 Left transfer belt lift Asm
40X3757 Lower print engine card Asm
40X3759 LVPS cooling fan
40X3745 M developer carrier
40X4031 Maintenance Kit, 100K, 110V
40X4032 Maintenance Kit, 600K
40X3679 Media feed unit Asm
40X3678 Media tray Asm kit
40X4079 Multipurpose feed unit Asm (assembled)
40X4089 Operator panel Asm
40X3763 Rear upper cooling fan
40X5864 RIP card Asm
40X0636 Sensor (RFID toner, PC cartridge)
40X4086 Separation roll friction clutch
40X3732 Transfer belt unit Asm
40X3808 Upper print engine card chassis Asm
40X3744 Y developer carrier

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