Lexmark T640 Part Numbers

Models: T640 (4061-000); T640dn, dtn, n, tn (4061-010); T640RFID (4061-0R0).

Part #Description
40X3230 250-Sheet Drawer, Complete Asm T64X, X642E, X644E, X646E
40X3231 250-Sheet Tray, Complete Asm T64X, X642E, X644E, X646E
40X1509 256Mb Ddr-Dram
40X1454 32Mb Flash Card
40X3243 500-Sheet Drawer, Complete Asm T64X, X642E, X644E, X646E
99A0447 500-Sheet Drive Shaft
56P4102 500-Sheet Duplex Unit, Complete Asm T642, T644, X644E, X646E
40X4663 500-Sheet Tray, Complete Asm T64X, X644E, X646E
40X3238 5-Bin Mailbox, Complete Asm T64X
40X1455 64Mb Flash Card
40X0074 Autocompensator Motor Cable
40X0106 Back Restraint
40X3236 Back Restraint - 250-Sheet Tray
40X0090 Back Restraint - 250-Sheet Tray, 4061-000/010
40X3212 Bar Code Card T64X
40X3247 Base Asm - 500-Sheet
99A1929 Bellcrank Spring - 250-Sheet Paper Tray
56P2540 Bellcrank Spring - 500-Sheet Tray
99A0954 Bevel Gear With Grease Packet, Washer
40X3378 Card For Ipds And Scs/Tne T64X
40X0050 Counterbalance Spring
40X0114 Developer Drive Asm
40X0039 Developer Support Roller
99A0272 Drive Shaft, 250-Sheet
40X0127 Dual Charge Roll Asm
40X3248 Envelope Feeder, Complete Asm, T64X, X642E, X644E, X646E
40X0249 Ep Dc Fan Asm With Cable - 500-Sheet
40X0035 Ep Dc Fan Asm With Cable, 4061-000/010
40X0045 Esd Shield With Label
40X0125 Exit Sensor
40X0059 Extension Guide
40X0163 Fuser Ac Lamp To Lvps Cable Asm
40X2592 Fuser Asm W/115 V Lamp
40X0100 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
40X0120 Fuser Wiper Cavity Cover
40X0001 Fuser Wiper Cover Asm
40X0107 Gearbox With Motor
40X0306 High Voltage Contact Kit
40X4275 High Voltage Power Supply
40X0223 Hvps/Input Sensor/Toner Sensor Cable (Harness) Asm
40X0041 Inner Paper Feed Deflector, 4061-000/010
40X0042 Inner Paper Feed Deflector, 500-Sheet
40X0043 Input Sensor
40X0147 Interconnect Card Asm (1 Slot), 4061-000/010
40X0148 Interconnect Card Asm (2 Slot), 200/210, 400/410
40X0003 Laser Cover Asm - 250-Sheet Output, 4061-000/010
40X0004 Laser Cover Asm - 500-Sheet Output
40X0061 Laser Printhead Cable Asm
40X3275 Left Bin Level Cable
40X0020 Left Side Door Cover, 250-Sheet, 1-Slot, 4061-000/010
40X0023 Left Side Door Cover, 500-Sheet, 2-Slot
40X0017 Lower Front Cover Asm
40X3244 Lvps
40X4269 Lvps - 115 V Ac, 4061-000/010
40X4271 Lvps 115 Vac, 200/210, 400/410
40X0159 Main Drive Motor Cable Asm
40X0212 Main Fan Duct, 200/210, 400/410
40X0053 Main Fan With Cable - 250-Sheet, 4061-000/010
40X0054 Main Fan With Cable - 500-Sheet
40X0100 Maintenance Kit
40X1375 Marknet N8000 Fast Ethernet 10/100Basetx
40X0079 Multipurpose Feeder Lower Deflector Asm
40X0077 Multipurpose Feeder Paper Out Flag
40X0310 Multipurpose Feeder Pick Arm Asm With Solenoid
40X4272 Multipurpose Feeder Restraint And Separator Pads, T64X
40X0238 Narrow Media Flag/Spring Kit
40X0124 Narrow Media Sensor
40X2665 Oil Fuser Wiper , Black Housing
40X0195 Operator Panel Board Asm
40X0233 Operator Panel Outer Bezel With Lexmark Logo T642
40X0014 Operator Panel Outer Bezel With Lexmark Logo, T640
40X3233 Option Pass Through Sensor
40X0057 Output Paper Level Flag, 4061-000/010
40X0058 Output Paper Level Flag, 500-Sheet
40X0084 Paper Feed Alignment Asm Paper Feed
40X0073 Paper Low/Out Sensor Card Asm
56P4145 Paper Out Arm - 500-Sheet Drawer
56P4129 Paper Out Arm, 250-Sheet
40X0071 Paper Out Flag - 250-Sheet Tray, 4061-000/010
40X0072 Paper Out Flag - 500-Sheet Tray
40X0046 Paper Size/Out/Low Sensing Board Asm Cable
40X0005 Paper Support
40X0048 Paper Switch Activate Spring
40X0126 Parts Kit, Left Side Charge Roll Link Asm
40X0129 Parts Kit, Right Side Charge Roll Link Asm
40X0115 Parts Packet (Developer Drive)
40X0068 Parts Packet, Bellcrank Asm - 250-Sheet Tray, 4061-000/010
40X0069 Parts Packet, Bellcrank Asm - 500-Sheet Tray
40X3232 Pick Arm Asm
40X0067 Pick Arm Asm - 250-Sheet, 4061-000/010
40X3246 Pick Arm Asm - 500-Sheet
40X0066 Pick Arm Asm - 500-Sheet
40X0076 Pick Roll Asm
40X4308 Pick Roll Asm (2 Per Package)
40X0110 Power Takeoff Shaft - 250-Sheet, 4061-000/010
40X0111 Power Takeoff Shaft - 500-Sheet
40X0112 Power Takeoff Shaft Spring
99A0275 Power Takeoff Spring
40X0062 Printhead Asm
40X0029 Redrive Asm - 250-Sheet In / 250 Out, 4061-000/010
40X0030 Redrive Asm - 500-Sheet In / 500 Out
40X0002 Redrive Cap Cover Asm
40X0232 Redrive Door Asm  - 500-Sheet
40X0056 Redrive Door Asm - 250 Sheet, 4061-000/010
40X0007 Right Side Cover - 250-Sheet Output, 4061-000/010
40X0008 Right Side Cover - 500-Sheet Output
99A0263 Screws Parts Packet
40X3235 Side Restraint - 250-Sheet Tray
40X0034 Signature Button Contact Asm With Cable
56P1228 Spring Arm Bellcrank
40X0051 Standard Bin Level Sensor
40X0052 Standard Bin Level Sensor Bracket
99A0063 Switch Activate Spring
40X5925 System Board Asm (Non-Network), 4061-200
40X5927 System Board Asm (Non-Network), 4061-400
40X0162 System Board To Fuser Board Cable Asm
40X0036 Toner Sensor Asm
40X0032 Transfer Deflector
40X0130 Transfer Roll Asm
40X0131 Transfer Roll Asm Right Arm
40X0135 Transfer Roll Left Arm
40X0132 Transfer Roll Right Spring
40X0011 Upper Cover Latch/Spring
40X0028 Upper Diverter Spring
40X0010 Upper Front Cover Asm With Lexmark Logo
40X0006 Upper Front Cover Hinge Asm
40X0040 Upper Paper Feed Deflector
40X0027 Upper Redrive Deflector
40X0151 Usb Board Asm
40X2666 Wax Fuser Wiper, Gray Housing
40X0182 Wear Strip
56P1279 Wear Strips
99A0292 Wear Strips
40X2788 Wear Strips, 4 Row Dimpled 500, 550-Sheet

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