Lexmark T630, T632, T634 Part Numbers

Models: T630 (4060-000); T630 VE (4060-000); T630d (4060-000); T630dn (4060-010); T630dt (4060-000); T630dtn (4060-010); T630n (4060-010); T630n VE (4060-010); T630tn (4060-010);T630tn VE (4060-010).T632 (4060-200); T632dn (4060-210); T632dtn (4060-210); T632dtnf (4060-210); T632n (4060-210); T632tn (4060-210); T634 (4060-400); T634dn (4060-410); T634dtn (4060-410); T634dtnf (4060-410); T634n (4060-010); T634n (4060-410); T634tn (4060-410).

Part #Description
99A1144 2000-Sheet High Capacity Feeder (Letter), Complete Asm
99A1654 250-Sheet (Uat) Tray
99A1536 250-Sheet Tray, Complete Asm
11K0688 500-Sheet Drawer, Complete Asm
99A0447 500-Sheet Drive Shaft
56P1416 500-Sheet Duplex Unit, Complete Asm
99A1576 500-Sheet Tray, Complete Asm
99A1149 5-Bin Mailbox, Complete Asm
99A0446 Aligner Asm, Paper
56P1327 Alignment Asm, Paper Feed
99A1645 Arm, Paper Out 500-Sheet Tray
99A0349 Arm, Transfer Roll Asm Right
99A1602 Back Restraint, 500-Sheet Tray
99A1636 Base, 500-Sheet Tray
99A0279 Bearing, Drive Shaft
99A0280 Bearing, Drive Shaft Low
99A1929 Bellcrank Spring - 250-Sheet Paper Tray
56P2540 Bellcrank Spring - 500-Sheet Tray
99A0278 Bellcrank, Roller Release
99A1664 Bellcrank, Roller Release
56P1350 Board, Input Tray (Itc)
99A0062 Bracket, Level Sensor
99A1555 Bushing, Charge Roll
99A0438 Bushing, Drive Roll
99A0074 Bushing, Pick Roll Shaft
56P1394 Cable Asm, Operator Panel
56P1386 Cable, Laser
56P1390 Cable, System Board To Fuser Board
99A0299 Cam Follower Asm Kit Parts Packet
56P1445 Card Asm, Communications, Network
56P1444 Card Asm, Communications, Non-Network
56P1406 Card Asm, Paper Wt/Paper Low/Out Sensor
56P1408 Cartridge Fan
99A1017 Charge Roll Asm Kit
99A0585 Contact Kit Parts Packet
56P1302 Cover Asm, Laser Asm, 500-Sheet Output, 200/210/400/410
56P1309 Cover Asm, Lower Front
99A2074 Cover Asm, Redrive Cap
56P1862 Cover, Clear Bezel, 400/410
56P1300 Cover, Fuser Wick Asm
99A1658 Cover, Fuser Wiper Cavity
56P2126 Cover, Left Door, 500 2-Slot, 200/210/400/410
56P1307 Cover, Right Side 500-Sheet Output, 200/210/400/410
56P1336 Deflector, Inner, 200/210/400/410
99A1525 Deflector, Upper
99A1857 Deflector, Upper Redrive
99A1544 Developer Drive Asm
56P1329 Door Asm, Redrive 500-Sheet
99A0276 Drive Roll Asm
99A0272 Drive Shaft, 250-Sheet
11K0720 Envelope Feeder, Complete Asm
56P1360 Fan, Main W/Cable
99A0126 Finger, Autosize
99A0084 Flag, Mpt Paper Out
99A1613 Flag, Output Paper Level
56P1316 Flag, Output Paper Level, 200/210/400/410
56P1323 Flag, Paper Out 500-Sheet Tray, 200/210/400/410
56P2542 Fuser, T630, T632
56P1859 Fuser, T634
99A0273 Gear, Bevel
99A0274 Gear, Feed (Drive) Roll
99A2017 Guide, Extension
56P1305 Hinge, Upper Front Cover
56P1339 Interconnect Board Asm 2 Slot, 200/210/400/410
99A0627 Jumper, 2-Pin
56P1758 Kit, Operator Panel Overlay-Ww English And Spanish
99A1829 Label, Tray Option Number
99A1601 Latch, Back Restraint
56P1308 Latch, Upper Cover
56P1321 Left Side Frame
99A0567 Link, Gear Release
56P1369 LVPS, T630, T632
56P1371 LVPS, T634
56P1330 Main Drive Asm (Gearbox), W/Motor, T630, T632
56P1858 Main Drive Asm (Gearbox), W/Motor, T634
56P1409 Maintenance Kit, T630,T632
56P1855 Maintenance Kit, T634
99A0071 Multipurpose Feeder Arm Asm
56P2407 Multipurpose Feeder Frame Asm With Solenoid
99A1531 Multipurpose Feeder Lower Deflector
99A0083 Multipurpose Tray Parts Kit
56P3313 Narrow Media Sensor
99A1540 Nut Plate, Frame Extension
56P1310 Operator Panel Asm 110V
99A0512 Parts Kit, Charge Roll Link Asm, Left Side
99A0513 Parts Kit, Charge Roll Link Asm, Right Side
56P1337 Parts Packet, Bellcrank And Spring (250)
56P1331 Parts Packet, Bellcrank And Spring (500)
56P1326 Pick Arm Asm (500-Sheet), T630
56P1325 Pick Arm Asm (500-Sheet), T632, T634
99A1054 Pick Arm Asm Opt 250
99A0405 Pick Arm Asm, Opt 500
99A0076 Pick Roll Asm
99A0124 Plate, Snap-In
56P1375 Power Supply, High Voltage
99A0275 Power Takeoff Spring
56P1396 Printhead Asm, T630
56P1443 Printhead Asm, T632
56P1854 Printhead Asm, T634
56P1328 Redrive Asm, 500 In/500 Out, 200/210/400/410
99A0893 Restraint, Back 250-Sheet Tray
99A1894 Restraint, Side 250-Sheet Tray
99A0450 Retainer, Roller
99A0451 Roll, Skewed Backup
99A0086 Roller, Backup
99A0039 Roller, Developer Support
99A0263 Screws Parts Packet
56P3314 Sensor, Exit
99A0053 Sensor, Input
99A2071 Sensor, Mpf Paper Out
99A0350 Sensor, Paper Level
99A0288 Sensor, Pass Thru
99A0572 Shaft Bearing Parts Packet
40X0111 Shaft, Power Takeoff 500
99A0549 Shield, Esd Asm With Label
99A1546 Shield, Gear
99A1582 Slider, Autosize 500-Sheet
56P1399 Smart Cartridge Contact Asm W/Cable
99A0286 Spring, Backup Roller
99A0494 Spring, Cam Clutch
99A0556 Spring, Counterbalance
99A0004 Spring, Latch
99A0181 Spring, Transfer Roll Left
99A0184 Spring, Transfer Roll Right
99A0419 Spring, Tray Bias
99A1702 Stud Asm, 500 Frame
56P2797 Support, Paper Asm
99A0063 Switch Activate Spring
56P1395 Switch, Cover Closed W/Cable Asm
56P3080 System Board, T630, non-network
56P3081 System Board, T630, network
56P3082 System Board, T632, non-network
56P3083 System Board, T632, network
56P3084 System Board, T634, non-network
56P3085 System Board, T634, network
56P1361 Toner Sensor Asm
99A2020 Transfer Plate Asm
99A1015 Transfer Roll Asm
99A1890 Tray Asm, 250-Sheet Special Media
40X3351 Tray Option Card Asm
99A0085 Tray, Backup Roller
99A0104 Upper Diverter Spring
56P1303 Upper Front Cover With Lexmark Logo
99A0277 Wear Plate, Pass Thru
56P1279 Wear Strips
99A0292 Wear Strips
56P1415 Wiper Asm, Wet

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